Is Angela Merkel Done For?
Alexander Görlach 01/11/2018 | Media Mentions
In this op-ed, Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Alexander Görlach writes that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is being "confronted with a public that is fast losing patience with her political leadership."
Adaptive Leadership and the Warfighter
Reed Bonadonna 01/04/2018 | Media Mentions
Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Reed Bonadonna writes that a significant contribution to leadership studies has come under the heading of Adaptive Leadership, pioneered by Ron Heifetz. How could this apply to the military?
The Secret History of the Russian Consulate in San Francisco
Zach Dorfman 12/14/2017 | Media Mentions
Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Zach Dorfman goes through the history of a mysterious Russian consulate in San Francsico, recently shuttered due to sanctions.
Military Command as Moral Prudence: Examples from History and Literature
Reed Bonadonna 11/28/2017 | Media Mentions
Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Reed Bonadonna offers some examples from history and literature of morally prudent and imprudent military command.
Donald Trump's anti-diplomacy
Devin T. Stewart 11/14/2017 | Media Mentions
In this analysis of Trump's Asia trip, Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Devin Stewart says the president has allowed China to "continue to try and look like a benevolent and benign power."
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