Comment le FN est devenu si pro-russe
Nicolas Lebourg 05/30/2018 | Media Mentions
This article in the French edition of "Slate" on how France's National Front became pro-Russian is by Nicolas Lebourg, as part of Carnegie Council's "Russian Soft Power in France" project.
La Russie, terre promise de l’extrême droite française ?
Nicolas Lebourg 05/29/2018 | Media Mentions
This op-ed in on the rise of the right in France by Nicolas Lebourg is part of Carnegie Council's "Russian Soft Power in France" project.
The Mysterious Tale of a Powerful American Businessman, Three Sanctioned Iranians and an Imprisonment in Tehran
Zach Dorfman 05/27/2018 | Media Mentions
Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Zach Dorfman writes an investigative article on Iranian sanctions evasion.
In Europe and the US, Will Young People Prolong Populism’s Appeal?
Joanne J. Myers 05/12/2018 | Media Mentions
This article from Carnegie Council Trustee Barbara Crossette highlights a recent talk by Yascha Mounk from Joanne Myers' Public Affairs program.
WW1 Centennial News Podcast: Highlights - Scouts, Planes and Sculptors
Reed Bonadonna 05/11/2018 | Media Mentions
On WW1 Centennial News' weekly podcast, Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Reed Bonadonna is interviewed about his Living Legacy of WWI fellowship and podcast series.
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