Ethics Accelerator

A new kind of incubator to examine the most pressing ethical issues

The Ethics Accelerator is a first-of-its-kind of incubator developed by Carnegie Council to examine the most pressing ethical issues and launch principles on issues of ethics in public life. These workshops feature diverse participation from emerging experts and frontline advocates; integrate leading facilitators to optimize rapid timelines and maximize output; and create a new in-person experience at the Council’s New York City headquarters.

The goals of the Ethics Accelerator are:

Rapid Prototyping

Deep, substantive work on a rapid timeline by diverse participants, ranging from emerging experts to frontline advocates.

New Impact Initiatives​

A method to identify new Impact Initiatives -- programs that highlight pressing ethical issues, convene leading experts, and produce agenda-setting resources to educate and activate communities across areas of interest.

Launch-ready Toolkits

Producing tools and guidance on critical ethical issues that can be deployed in the real world, right now. ​