Carnegie Council's speakers are invited guests whose views do not necessarily reflect those of the Carnegie Council.

Event Recordings

Videos, audios, podcasts, and transcripts of our events are posted on the Carnegie Council's website, You can also find a selection of our events on C-Span, CUNY TV, ISN (International Security Network), MHz Worldview Channel (not available in New York), New School Radio,, and others.

Guests may appear in event recordings and guest's questions may become part of the video and audio program. Attendance implies the guest's consent unless explicitly stated otherwise. Please speak to Council Staff if you would like to be seated outside the camera range.

Admission Policies

Reservations are required for ALL events.

Guests arriving 15 minutes after an event has started will be seated at the discretion of Council Staff.

Individuals not on the guest list will be seated at the discretion of Council Staff.

Program admission and fees vary per event. For further details, please refer to specific event listings on our website or contact us at 212-838-4120.


The Carnegie Council is committed to creating a comfortable and enjoyable experience for our speakers, members, and guests.

Given the controversial nature of many issues addressed at the Council, guests may often disagree with speakers or other audience members. We expect speakers and audience members to express any disagreement in a respectful and courteous fashion, and refrain from disrupting the progress of an event.

We ask that all Carnegie Council speakers, members, and guests:

  • Maintain appropriate behavior at all times, and respect the right of other guests to enjoy the event.
  • Be mindful and courteous of others' space and view.
  • Comply with the instructions and directions of Council Staff.
  • Keep emergency exit routes clear at all times.

The Carnegie Council reserves the right to deny entry or dismiss individuals displaying inappropriate or disrespectful behavior. This includes any behavior that is disruptive to our broadcasts. Multiple violations of conduct guidelines may result in a suspension or revocation of membership.


Guests may not use Carnegie public events as a venue for inappropriately promoting other personal or professional affiliations. Management reserves the right to take action if guests are observed:

  • Vending, soliciting, or collecting contributions of any purpose.
  • Distributing or displaying promotional materials on the premises without advance consent from Carnegie Council staff.
  • Approaching event speakers or other guests for professional purposes.


Electronic Devices

As a courtesy to others, cellular phones and other wireless devices should be turned off before entering an event. For urgent communications, we ask that guests discreetly step outside without disrupting the event.

As a general rule, cameras or other audio and video recording equipment are not permitted inside the Carnegie Council. Under certain circumstances, management may grant special permission. For press and other inquiries, please contact 212-838-4120.


Proper attire is required of all guests attending events at the Carnegie Council. Council Staff reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone dressed inappropriately.


Carnegie Council staff cannot accept gratuities. Members and guests wishing to show gratitude are encouraged to make contributions to the Council's Annual Fund. Contributions are welcome at any time during the year.

Lost & Found

Guests are reminded that they are responsible for their own belongings at all times. Returning found items to the front desk is greatly appreciated. If you are seeking a misplaced item, please contact us at or 212-838-4120.