• Ethics, Equality, & AI in the Caribbean
    Artificial intelligence (AI) will affect the socio-economic development of nations across the globe. Caribbean countries are particularly susceptible because they tend to be labor intensive economies and are therefore at risk of significant economic and social disruption from automation and artificial intelligence. Three experts in this space--Cordel Green, Stacey Russell, and Erica Simmons--discuss these issues and much more.
    06/22/21MultimediaAll Audio, Video, Transcripts
  • Global Ethics Weekly: Venezuelan Refugees & Immigration Policies, with Kavitha Rajagopalan
    With millions of Venezuelans fleeing the Maduro regime, what are the effects on Latin America and the Caribbean? What could or should the United States do? Is it helpful to compare this situation to the Syrian refugee crisis? Senior Fellow Kavitha Rajagopalan discusses immigration policies and asylum law in the context of Venezuela's economic collapse.
    04/02/19MultimediaAll Audio, Video, Transcripts
  • Ist Prize, Post Secondary Education Category, "Making a Difference" Essay Contest, 2010
    Phaedra Jaggernauth, University of Trinidad and Tobago, gives a detailed blueprint on how to transform her school, from installing solar panels and reducing energy needs, to fostering leadership skills and working with organizations such as local TV stations.    
  • Keith Nurse
    Keith Nurse is director of the Shridath Ramphal Centre for International Trade Law, Policy and Services at the Cave Hill Campus (Barbados) of the University of the West Indies.People