• Religion & Politics in Southeast Asia, with Nava Nuraniyah
    Nava Nuraniyah, an analyst at the Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict (IPAC) in Jakarta, Indonesia, speaks with Senior Fellow Devin Stewart about the recent general election in Indonesia, social media and religious extremism in Southeast Asia, and the future direction of the region's politics.
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  • Ethics and Climate Change: Earth Day 2019
    In honor of Earth Day, April 22, 2019, Carnegie Council presents a selection of materials from the past year on the ethical responsibilities and challenges of coping with climate change.
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  • Ethical Implications of Climate Change for Education
    "Education is often tied with privilege and who has access," writes Brian Mateo, assistant dean of civic engagement at Bard College. "Let us not continue to widen the gap because of physical barriers that are affecting children and underrepresented populations in our fast-changing climate."
  • Securitizing Climate Change in the Philippines, with Mark Payumo
    Now based in California, Mark Payumo previously served as a Philippine Army Special Forces officer. Reflecting on his recent Carnegie Council site visit to Manila to investigate climate change and the role of the defense establishment, he concludes that securitizing climate change--i.e. having the military involved, both in adaptation and mitigation--is a decided advantage for the community.
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  • Jailing of Journalists Worldwide, with CPJ's Elana Beiser
    Elana Beiser of the Committee to Protect Journalists discusses the latest CPJ report, which finds that for the third year in a row, 251 or more journalists are jailed around the world, suggesting the authoritarian approach to critical news coverage is more than a temporary spike. Also for the third year running, Turkey, China, and Egypt were responsible for about half of those imprisoned, with Turkey remaining the world's worst jailer.
    12/19/18MultimediaAll Audio, Video, Transcripts
  • Climate Disaster Response in the Philippines, with Austin McKinney and Chetan Peddada
    Pacific Delegates Austin McKinney and Chetan Pedada both have military backgrounds and technology expertise. They discuss ways in which machine-learning and military cooperation could help the Philippines cope with climate change and natural disasters and also reflect on the human impact that climate change is already having on these islands and how Filipinos are working together to respond.
    12/18/18MultimediaAll Audio, Video, Transcripts
  • Resources Resulting from Carnegie Council Climate Change Research Delegation to the Philippines, October 2018
    In October 2018, Carnegie Council's Asia Dialogues program led a fact-finding trip to Manila to investigate the effects of climate change on the Philippines. How is the encroaching threat of climate change reshaping culture, politics, and even faith? How can the claim of economic prosperity be reconciled with the equally valid claim of sustainability and conservation?
  • Climate Change in South & Southeast Asia, with Yoko Okura
    Yoko Okura of Mercy Corps discusses her recent visit to Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh, the site of a camp for 1 million Rohingya refugees. She learned every day, that 700 tons of trees--four football fields--are being cut down for firewood and construction, bringing an increased risk of landslides and floods. She also reflects on her visit to Manila with Carnegie Council and the advantages of traveling with a group from different disciplines.
    12/17/18MultimediaAll Audio, Video, Transcripts
  • It's Time for the U.S. and Chinese Militaries to Cooperate on HADR
    Relations between the U.S. and China are at their lowest point in decades. Joint Humanitarian and Disaster Response (HADR) would provide an effective mechanism to improve military-to-military engagement between the U.S. and China. The Philippines offers an attractive partner for the U.S. and China to build and operate under a joint-HADR framework for military cooperation.
  • Machine-Learning, Climate Change, and Disaster Management in the Philippines
    Machine-learning can provide relevant information at the right moment to climate change disaster survivors in the Philippines.
  • Carnegie Council's 2018 Climate Change Research Delegation to Manila, Philippines
    From October 21-27, 2018, Devin Stewart and Amanda Ghanooni of the Council's Asia Dialogues program led a group of ten Pacific Delegates and two Contributors from seven countries and a diverse set of professional backgrounds to Manila to examine climate change in Philippine politics, society, and related issues. The group participated in classroom discussions, expert lectures, cultural activities, community dialogues, and site visits.
    11/06/18NewsPress Releases
  • Meth Fiefdoms, Rebel Hideouts, & Bomb-Scarred Party Towns of Southeast Asia, with Patrick Winn
    From the world's largest meth trade in Myanmar to "Pyongyang's dancing queens," "neon jihad," and much more, Bangkok-based author Patrick Winn takes us on a tour of the underbelly of Southeast Asia. The region's criminal underworld is valued at $100 billion and in the next decade it's going to hit $375 billion, bigger than many of these country's GDPs, he says. These stories need to be told.
    10/01/18MultimediaAll Audio, Video, Transcripts
  • Malaysian & Indonesian Elections, with Meredith Weiss & Jeremy Menchik
    This fascinating conversation begins with a discussion of the critical importance of Southeast Asia, including the rise of China and its ambitions in the region. Then Professor Weiss focuses on Malaysia and the return of the formidable 93-year old Mahathir as prime minister. Next, Professor Menchik discusses the complex situation in Indonesia--a country with 17,000 islands and 300-plus ethnic groups--and the upcoming elections there.
    09/24/18MultimediaAll Audio, Video, Transcripts
  • Fake News in the Philippines, with Jonathan Corpus Ong
    Who are behind the fake news and political disinformation campaigns that plague the Philippines? "They're not exactly who you think," says Jonathan Corpus Ong, co-author of a recent study on this. The most important players are not the notorious bloggers and social media influencers as you might expect. "The people who are the chief architects of network disinformation are people in the ad and public relations (PR) industry."
    09/10/18MultimediaAll Audio, Video, Transcripts
  • Understanding the "Duterte Phenomenon" in the Philippines, with John Gershman
    Unlike Trump, Duterte came to the presidency with a history in public service and he knew how to run a government, says John Gershman. "I would relate him in some ways more to the anti-democratic populist movements of Eastern Europe: authoritarian, a very heavy morality dimension to his vision of nationalism, with a focus on things like drugs, and with a healthy dose of misogyny in his rhetoric."
    05/07/18MultimediaAll Audio, Video, Transcripts
  • Crime and Global Justice: The Dynamics of International Punishment, with Daniele Archibugi
    Are we witnessing a new era of cosmopolitan justice or are the old principles of victors' justice still in play? Economic and political theorist Daniele Archibugi discusses his new book, "Crime and Global Justice," which examines the history of global criminal justice and presents five case studies: Augusto Pinochet, Slobodan Milošević, Radovan Karadžić, Saddam Hussein, and Omar al-Basheer.
    05/07/18MultimediaAll Audio, Video, Transcripts
  • Carnegie Council Appoints 10 Pacific Delegates for Fact-Finding Trip to the Philippines on Climate Change
    In October 2018, Carnegie Council's Asia Dialogues program is leading a fact-finding trip to Manila to investigate the effects of climate change on Philippine politics and society. The Council has appointed 10 U.S. and Asian Pacific Delegates from a variety of professional, regional, and academic backgrounds to join this trip. Learn more about them.
    04/19/18NewsPress Releases
  • Reasons for Hope: Earth Day 2018
    "You can rest in despair or you can ask: "How can we harness our ingenuity and creativity and ability to cooperate in recognizing that we need to live more sustainably?" We need to be as creative about sustainability as we have been about exploitation." In that spirit here's a selection of Carnegie Council resources from the past year, in honor of Earth Day 2018.
    04/18/18PublicationsResource Picks
  • Hope for Asian Fisheries, with Brett Jenks
    With rich and varied coral reefs, Indonesia and the Philippines are critically important for marine biodiversity, says Brett Jenks of Rare, a conservation organization. Overfishing could result in millions losing their livelihoods and leads to degradation of coastal habitats, making them less resilient to climate change. But there is hope. In marine reserves started as pilot projects, fish populations are increasing by as much as 390 percent.
    04/05/18MultimediaAll Audio, Video, Transcripts
  • Liberalism in the Philippines, with Lisandro Claudio
    Populist leader President Duterte has killed thousands in his "war on drugs," idolizes Putin, and openly uses fake news and excessive nationalism to consolidate his power. And it's working: he has an 82 percent popularity rating right now. What happened to the nation's liberal democratic heritage? Author and historian Lisandro Claudio discusses the situation and how he is using Youtube videos, articles, and a new book to fight back.
    04/02/18MultimediaAll Audio, Video, Transcripts

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