Video and Podcast Producer

December 4, 2020

The mission of Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is to inspire and guide debate, and to educate the public on ethical choices in matters related to global affairs. Since our founding by Andrew Carnegie a century ago, we have been one of the world's top creators of nonpartisan educational resources on international ethics used by professionals, journalists, educators, students, and the greater public. Carnegie Council's public education programs aim to make the moral dimensions of international issues more visible and accessible to students, scholars, and the general public. The Carnegie Ethics Studio produces podcasts, videos, transcripts, and live streams of Carnegie Council's public programs, special events, and closed-set studio interviews. The Studio ensures that the Council's sponsored research and public education programs reach worldwide audiences through free and widely accessible channels.

Carnegie Council is collaborating with Fighter Steel Productions to advance a public conversation—in podcast, video, and interactive public debate—producing a "Program" about the ethical issues raised in Fighter Steel's new audio drama The Spark Hunter File. Directed by Trudie Styler and starring an Oscar-, Emmy-, and Tony-feted cast and crew, The Spark Hunter File raises fundamental ethical issues that are front-of-mind for the general public, yet are complex and often misunderstood—Can machines be moral? Are human ethical relations with superintelligent AIs possible? Is there a foundational environmental ethics that gives humanity a basis for global action? Are the psychology of the human condition and philosophy underlying these salient ethical concerns a reason for hope or despair?

The Program is a series of ethical dilemmas, mini-stories, lectures, interviews, panels, debates, and public events to engage people inspired by the drama in an ongoing conversation, encouraging public awareness and thoughtful global action on these pressing issues of our time. As Program Producer, you will be responsible for owning all aspects of pre-production, production and post-production. This includes tying the drama to the public Program by understanding its underlying philosophy and psychology, appreciating its technology and legal framework, then working with the scholars and thought leaders who are recruited to illuminate the issues. Producer will pitch, book, and prep the talent, direct interviews, and coordinate the highly proficient production team. Producer will oversee and assist with script writing for mini-stories, interviews and debates, plan and manage content capture, and assemble each component of the Program—both for video and podcast. Producer will be asked to experiment with new forms and will have the time to make this a powerful, impactful program with enduring value.

This is a chance to join a committed team. The Program Producer will work in close collaboration with the producer, writers, and scholarly advisors to The Spark Hunter File.


  • Comfort with scientific and humanistic themes
  • Background in journalism or audio storytelling
  • Minimum three years of experience producing video and audio for YouTube/podcasts/radio
  • Good writing and presentation skills
  • Collaborative, creative, organized, with strong time-management skills
  • Fluency in ProTools a benefit.

The power of difference is a principal theme of The Spark Hunter File. Diverse candidates are encouraged. Producer is expected to be focused on the Program approximately half time. Design and planning for the Program start immediately. Contact: