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Thought Leader: Jay Winter

Jay Winter is the Charles J. Stille Professor of History at Yale University, where he focuses on World War I and its impact on the 20th century.

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Jay Winter on


  • WHAT’S DISTINCT distinct

    This is an age divided in two parts, Europe/North America becoming more and more secular, godless; Africa/Latin America/parts of Asia with a firm religious and church-oriented cultural life. That division between those countries that have passed through a process of secularization and those that are still in it seems to me to be the widest fracture in the world today.

  • GLOBAL ETHICS ethics

    A global ethic has to be independent of confession and religious observance as a test of inclusion or exclusion. Andrew Carnegie was nothing but a Scot Presbyterian; that's who he was. But the ethic that comes out of the work of those who follow in his footsteps and who search for international peace can't be defined by a Protestant faith or a Catholic faith or a Muslim or Jewish faith.

  • PEACE peace

    War, like sin, is inevitable, but it need not dominate the world. I think the notion of a regime in which war is an exception, rather than a rule, in the conduct of the business of states and their citizens is an objective that I would call utopian. That is a great objective, to make war into a marginal, serious, though not dominant, element in the way in which states conduct their business and the citizens of the world look to the future.

  • LEADERSHIP leadership

    Prophets speak the language of those ideas which are not held by a large number of people. Leaders can't be prophets. They have to be able to hear the voices of those who have no power.