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Thought Leader: Nobuo Tanaka

Nobuo Tanaka, former executive director of the International Energy Agency, is global associate for energy security and sustainability at the Institute for Energy Economics, Japan.

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Nobuo Tanaka on


  • CHALLENGES challenges

    It is amazing that more than 2 billion people do not have access to electricity. It's Africa, it's India, some parts of Latin America. All people equally, let's say, have a right to have a very healthy and comfortable life. Access to energy, access to electricity, is a very important part of the issue—or a solution or a program—that we have to tackle.

  • GLOBAL ETHICS ethics

    Ethics is how we can maintain the good living of people and keep good relations with each other. Ethics is a way to harmonize the way of life for all the human beings around the world.

  • FUTURE future

    Diversity is very important for the growth or development of our creativity, innovation. How to maintain these diversified sources of energy is energy security. But for the society, how to maintain these diversified human beings in one community is the key for the success of the growth of the community.