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Thought Leader: Richard Lugar

Indiana Republican Richard Lugar is a former member of the United States Senate, where he served on the foreign relations committee.

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Richard Lugar on


  • GLOBAL ETHICS ethics

    I approach it in a positive way, that we ought to be thinking about nutrition for every human being, keeping people alive so they have a chance to learn and to be productive. I couple this with an intense interest in energy development of all sorts, energy that makes it possible for people really to have lights or heat—in other words, having gotten some food for people, then to try to help them stay alive.

  • PEACE peace

    We have moved away from nuclear annihilation, mutually assured destruction. Whatever may be the battles going on in the world now, these are reasonably small and manageable in comparison to total annihilation of the United States and the Soviet Union that we faced, whether we understood it or not.