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Thought Leader: Jessica Jackley

Kiva cofounder Jessica Jackley is a venture partner with Collaborative Fund and a visiting practitioner at Stanford University’s Center for Philanthropy and Civil Society.

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Jessica Jackley on


  • WHAT’S DISTINCT distinct

    The world is at a unique moment in time because of the connectivity that we have. What many people can no longer claim is ignorance, especially those of us that do have easy access to technology, to the Internet, to information. We know not only that these problems exist, but there are endless options to do something.

  • CHALLENGES challenges

    I think the biggest ethical question, period, is how we really see ourselves and how we see each other. If you really believe in human potential in yourself and in others, I think the moving around of resources and the creation of new technologies and innovation—everything takes care of itself and will be directed in the right manner.

  • GLOBAL ETHICS ethics

    I think about the entrepreneurial spirit that I've seen all over the planet—that spirit of wanting to create and contribute and push things forward, to get up every day and say, "Now what can I do to create more value?" especially with people who see themselves as social entrepreneurs. That spirit of entrepreneurship, of creation, is the most redemptive and life-giving common spirit and common ethic that I have observed.

  • PEACE peace

    I think having world participation in a way that's respectful and empowering of every individual—that's maybe even better than just world peace. I think it's a great starting place. Let's get there, for sure.

  • LEADERSHIP leadership

    The heart of leadership is a desire to serve, a desire to serve not just individuals, but to serve ideals and a vision that you and those around you care about and believe in.

  • FUTURE future

    I hope that we can really make some progress quickly so that the environment that we have still exists.