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Thought Leader: Bineta Diop

Bineta Diop is founder and executive director of Femmes Africa Solidarité.

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Bineta Diop on


  • WHAT’S DISTINCT distinct

    In this new age of new technology of information, there is a lot that we have in our hands that can make our life easier. I think this is a revolution. I am very optimistic in the way that the new technology, when used in a good way, can transform in terms of health, in terms of education.

  • CHALLENGES challenges

    I think, wherever you are, you need to see the status of women improve, and the conditions in society as well. I am a Muslim and I understand the Quran. But if you look at what the fundamentalists will tell you about the Quran, I think it is a misinterpretation. So the challenge is to open the minds of the people and also to say that tradition should not mean, or even religion doesn't mean, alienating your people.

  • PEACE peace

    It is in the character of the human being to be a fighter. That's how I see it. But I think we can have a world of peace—that's my aim—without violence. We will still have conflict on issues, conflict on power sharing, conflict on many things, always conflict.

  • LEADERSHIP leadership

    It's not only a masculine issue. For me, leadership comes also feminine. I always say that the men who have the feminine values are part of the criteria for me to look into leadership. It is that touch, that caring, giving, solidarity. Those are things that for me are very fundamental in leadership.

  • FUTURE future

    I would like to see a prosperous Africa. For me when I say "prosperous" it's where we have enough so we can share the wealth that we have. And at peace with itself, because I think without peace we cannot be prosperous. For me they are interlinked.