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Thought Leader: Mustafa Ceric

Mustafa Ceric is president of the World Bosniak Congress, and former grand mufti of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Mustafa Cerić on


  • WHAT’S DISTINCT distinct

    I think that the twenty-first century is the century of spiritual revolution. That spiritual revolution is different from the Industrial Revolution or informational revolution or bourgeois revolution. This spiritual revolution should be the revolution of coming to the basics of humanity. The basics are the five values of each and every human being: the value of life, the value of freedom, the value of trust or faith, of religion or morality, the value of property, and the value of human dignity.

  • CHALLENGES challenges

    There are four challenges for us that are over our heads. These challenges I would describe as four roads: from might to right, from slavery to freedom, from mythology to science, and from theory of state to democracy of state. I am afraid that these four very important achievements of this civilization are now challenged. I am afraid that right is almost losing its power to might, that science is losing its power to mythology, that freedom is losing its momentum to slavery, and that even democracy is somehow becoming a frustration for many.

  • GLOBAL ETHICS ethics

    What I think we are lacking today, and for the twenty-first century, is the idea of self-examination, a strong responsibility based on moral common ground and ethical teaching. There is a difference between morality and ethics. Ethics is teachable and it's learnable. You can learn about good and bad. But morality is somehow a natural character that you are born with and that you inherit from your family, your community, and so on.

  • FUTURE future

    I would advise my dear intellectuals of this age and time and place to give us some good imagination, especially to the young people, that they will have a brighter future than they have, that they should not bring their frustrations and pass them over to the next generations. I think we need people who have a dream, who have an imagination for a better future.