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Thought Leaders: About


With so many competing claims in our connected world, what's the right thing to do? Thought Leaders Forum takes the ethical pulse of the planet.

We asked selected Thought Leaders to identify the greatest ethical questions facing the planet and how individuals, organizations, and countries should respond. To get involved: Learn about our Global Ethics Network, and join the conversation here.


  • What is morally distinct about our era?
  • How do you define global ethics?
  • What is the greatest ethical challenge facing the planet?
  • What would you like to see happen in the next 100 years?
  • Is world peace possible?
  • What does moral leadership mean to you?
  • Who is ultimately accountable for global problems?

Thought Leaders are identified by Carnegie Council as people who influence global opinion on ethical issues and contribute positively to human development. Recognition by third parties, such as awards, mainstream press, and prominent institutions, helps to verify their status as thought leaders. Our interview project incorporates views from a diversity of regions and backgrounds.

Please send questions and comments to Devin Stewart.

THOUGHT LEADERS FORUM is a project of the Carnegie Council Centennial.