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Just Business

Just Business: Peter Escher on the MBA Oath | 01/08/13 Peter Escher, Julia Taylor Kennedy Can MBAs be held to "do no harm" standards similar to those of MDs? The MBA Oath was created by a group of Class of 2009 Graduates of Harvard Business School. Like the Hippocratic Oath made by doctors, the MBA Oath outlines values and ideals to which managers  should commit.

Japan's Corporate Culture: Sleepwalking to Oblivion? | 12/17/12 Michael Woodford, Michael Zielenziger, Dan Bobkoff Japan's corporate culture is in serious trouble, declare our two speakers. It's "sleepwalking to oblivion," says Michael Woodford, former Olympus CEO turned whistleblower. And according to journalist Michael Zielenziger, the Olympus scandal is an example of larger problems facing Japan's economy.

The Digital Revolution and the Role of Newspapers in Civic Life | 11/28/12 Harlan Spector, Rachel Dissell, Ken Doctor, Dan Bobkoff Newspapers have long straddled an awkward line between public service and profit. Now those values are in conflict. The internet has upended the industry and profits are way down. But is the web a good substitute? What happens when a city loses its daily paper?

B Corps: Companies With a Social Mission in Their DNA | 11/15/12 Neil Blumenthal, David Gilboa, Andrew Kassoy, Dan Bobkoff There used to only be two types of businesses--non-profits and for-profits. Benefit corporations, or B Corps, are now finding a way to do both. B Lab's Andrew Kassoy helped to set the criteria for this new type of business and boutique eyewear company Warby Parker is making money while also being socially responsible.

What Is American? | 11/02/12 Sean McAlinden, Yuqing Xing, Dan Bobkoff What does it mean for a product to be American? Or to be from anywhere? The truth is, many items today are global products, from autos to iPhones. It's not just imports and exports, it's the whole supply chain. Forget USA. We're talking made in the world.

Creating an Ethical Business Culture | 10/12/12 Adlai Wertman, Alex J. Plinio, Julia Taylor Kennedy Two business school leaders discuss ways that different schools are injecting business ethics into their curricula. "What you have to do is to have the courage to define success for yourself, with the understanding that your success may not be the same one as that of your classmates."

The Ethics of "Acqui-hires" | 10/02/12 John Coyle, Gabor Cselle, Dan Bobkoff The practice of "acqui-hiring," a larger company buying a smaller one solely to poach its talent, is becoming more common. Is this ethical? Does it harm anyone, or is it a win-win? Here's Gabor Cselle, who was acqui-hired by Google and John Coyle, who co-authored an academic paper on this phenomenon.

The Business of Art | 09/20/12 Amy Whitaker, Osman Khan, Julia Taylor Kennedy The value of art is incredibly subjective. Yet selling art is big business--and displaying art can be a money pit. For insights into this complex world, here's Amy Whitaker, who teaches art business at Sotheby's, and Osman Khan, a co-founder of Paddle8, an online marketplace for high-end art.

Moral Leadership | 08/31/12 Dov Seidman, Michael Raynor, Julia Taylor Kennedy Consulting firms have long helped corporations make their operations more efficient and profitable, but now moral leadership is being added to the equation. Two advisers with philosophy degrees share their thoughts on the role of corporations in society and what drives corporate leaders.

Changes in the American Middle Class | 08/15/12 Rea Hederman, Jr., Fred Setterberg, Julia Taylor Kennedy Both left and right agree that the U.S. income gap is widening. It's harder to agree on how to solve it. Fred Setterberg yearns for the solidarity and job opportunities of his childhood. Rea Hederman says a new tax structure and programs encouraging individual initiative will grow the middle class.

Confronting Youth Unemployment | 08/02/12 Juan Somavia, Rahul Mirchandani, Julia Taylor Kennedy, Devin T. Stewart With an unemployment rate three times higher than that of adults, there are 75 million youth worldwide looking for work. International Labour Organization head Juan Somavia gives his take and Indian employer Rahul Mirchandani speaks about training youth for the workforce.

The Business of Peace | 07/18/12 Steve Killelea, Margarita Quihuis, Mark Nelson, Julia Taylor Kennedy Is it possible to quantify peace? Australian entrepreneur Steve Killelea found a correlation between peace and business and at Stanford's Peace Innovation Lab, researcher Mark Nelson and lab director Margarita Quihuis are looking to get businesses involved in encouraging peace.

Competitive Ethics | 07/06/12 Richard Horowitz, Cynthia Cheng Correia, Julia Taylor Kennedy The field of competitive intelligence illustrates the distinction we draw in our professional lives between ethics and law. Attorney Richard Horowitz shares some legal insights and Knowledge inForm's Cynthia Cheng Correia checks in from the corporate side of competitive intelligence.

Supply Chains, and China's Interests in Africa | 06/18/12 David Shinn, Joshua Eisenman, Philippe C. Burke, Julia Taylor Kennedy, Devin T. Stewart Ambassador David Shinn and NYU Professor Joshua Eisenman discuss China's economic interests in Africa, and the ethical questions these raise. Next comes U.S. hedge fund manager Philippe Burke, who calls for getting rid of overseas supply chains and returning to "Made in the USA."

Supply Chain Accountability | 06/06/12 Charles Duhigg, Alan Hassenfeld, Julia Taylor Kennedy How can ethical practices be made an integral part of overseas supply chains? Here's reporter Charles Duhigg on how habits can impact the ethical behavior of businesses, and Hasbro's Alan Hassenfeld on establishing a global toy industry safety code.

The Intersection of Global Health and Business | 05/22/12 Derek Yach, Yanzhong Huang, Julia Taylor Kennedy How can global health be improved?  PepsiCo executive Derek Yach speaks about the positive changes corporations are making, and Professor Yanzhong Huang discusses China's health care challenges.

The Evolution of Occupy Wall Street | 05/04/12 Karanja Gacuca, Diego Ibanez, Jamie Kemmerer, Stephan Said, Julia Taylor Kennedy In less than a year, Occupy Wall Street (OWS) has re-energized the conversation about income inequality, provided a forum for a wide array of causes, and experienced some serious growing pains. Four different OWS activists discuss the movement's successes and challenges.

Special Preview: May Day and Occupy Wall Street | 05/01/12 Karanja Gacuca, Diego Ibanez, Julia Taylor Kennedy This "Just Business" preview features two Occupy Wall Street (OWS) activists. OWS has hibernated a bit since New York City shut down its flagship encampment in November. May Day has long represented labor rights and on this May Day, OWS will try to reinvigorate public interest.

Green Asia | 04/26/12 Nobuo Tanaka, Arthur Huang, Devin T. Stewart, Julia Taylor Kennedy Nobuo Tanaka sees alternative energy sources--including nuclear--as the key to Asia's future and Arthur Huang is the inventor of "POLLI-bricks." This pair of interviews illustrates Asia's commitment to finding sustainable technologies--a commitment perhaps greater than that of the U.S.

New Models for Corporate Giving | 04/04/12 Mari Kuraishi, Nate Garvis, Julia Taylor Kennedy Two experts from the world of philanthropy discuss a new kind of corporate citizenship. Today, companies are increasingly making more sophisticated contributions that build on employee expertise or that engage the experts to fight global poverty.

A Look at Income Inequality in the United States | 02/01/12 Philippe C. Burke, Marlene Spoerri, Julia Taylor Kennedy Hedge fund manager Philippe Burke gives us an inside look at what went wrong with the financial system and explains why he supports Occupy Wall Street; and Marlene Spoerri discusses the tension between income inequality and democracy.

A Look at Global Sustainability, with a Focus on China | 01/17/12 Ma Jun, Evan O'Neil, Madeleine Lynn, Julia Taylor Kennedy Carnegie Council's Evan O'Neil ponders the future of mega-cities, and leading Chinese environmentalist Ma Jun discusses China's air and water crisis and the work of his watchdog group, the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, which names and shames the worst polluters.

A Global Look at Migration | 01/10/12 Anna Hofmann, Stephen Ruszczyk, Noora Lori, Julia Taylor Kennedy Global migration is a key part of our economic future and one that is often overlooked. Three experts offer very different takes on migration, spanning Europe, the USA, and lastly the Gulf States, where migrants make up the majority of the population and citizens are in the minority.

Ken Kraft on Leadership and Ethics Training in Financial Institutions | 12/06/11 Ken Kraft, Julia Taylor Kennedy The two most important leadership attributes are empathy and humility, says Ken Kraft. He works with Bank of New York Mellon employees in 36 countries around the world to promote a culture of leadership and ethics within the organization.

Justin Harlow on Political Risk and Investment in Emerging Markets | 11/15/11 Justin Harlow, Julia Taylor Kennedy Justin Harlow discusses investing in the energy sector in emerging markets. He is the founder and managing partner of Tau Energy Partners, an energy investment advisory firm dedicated to emerging markets.

Angela M. Kelley on Ethics and U.S. Immigration Policy | 11/03/11 Angela Maria Kelley, Julia Taylor Kennedy Angela Maria Kelley, of the Center for American Progress, talks frankly about the difficult practical and ethical questions surrounding U.S. immigration, and the inconsistent approaches in different states because of the deadlock at the federal level.

PepsiCo's Donna Hrinak on Public Policy and Business in Latin America | 10/27/11 Donna J. Hrinak, Julia Taylor Kennedy In a wide-ranging conversation, former U.S. ambassador Donna Hrinak discusses her regional responsibilities in Latin America, and her global work with other food and beverage companies, together with NGOs, to make packaged foods and drinks healthier.

In an Era of Increased Transparency, A New Approach to Business Branding | 09/22/11 Michael Mendenhall, Julia Taylor Kennedy As he retools Lipman, a New York advertising agency, Michael Mendenhall discusses a new approach to branding. He also talks about how companies' ethics are on display in an era of increased transparency, and how they can turn transparency into a business advantage.

The U.S. Credit Rating Downgrade: What Does it Mean? | 09/01/11 Ann Rutledge, Julia Taylor Kennedy Is the U.S. no longer the center of the economic universe? Credit expert Ann Rutledge discusses the recent credit rating downgrade of the U.S. economy and tackles the deeper underlying economic and moral issues, such as attitudes towards risk.  

A Win-Win: Communications Technology and Global Health | 08/23/11 David K. Aylward, Julia Taylor Kennedy David Aylward specializes in a new sector called mobile health, which uses cell phone and other communications technology to connect poor patients in developing nations to high-level health care. He is working to educate corporations about the opportunities in these markets.

Ireland's Tough Path to Economic Recovery | 08/01/11 Barry O'Leary, Julia Taylor Kennedy What brought down the Celtic Tiger and will it rise again? Barry O'Leary, head of IDA Ireland (Industrial Development Agency), explains how and why Ireland went from boom to bust, and how foreign direct investment can play a role in its recovery.

The (Ethical) Taste of Success | 07/26/11 Ashok Vasudevan, Julia Taylor Kennedy Ashok Vasudevan has what it takes to build commercially viable and socially responsible global companies. Tasty Bite, an all-natural, ready-to-eat food sold in the U.S. and Australia, is ranked one of India's "Top-100 Best Companies to Work For."

The Green Workplace and Human Behavior | 07/06/11 Leigh Stringer, Julia Taylor Kennedy Architect and sustainability expert Leigh Stringer is convinced that LEED green buildings are only a piece of the puzzle when designing a sustainable office. She argues that a crucial component is human behavior.

Diana B. Henriques on Bernie Madoff, Wizard of Lies | 06/20/11 Diana B. Henriques, Julia Taylor Kennedy Is Bernie Madoff a monster or is it easier than you might think to slip over the line? Diana B. Henriques explores the ethical questions raised by Madoff's financial house of cards, which collapsed in late 2008.

Mindy S. Lubber: Working with Companies to Address Sustainability Challenges | 06/15/11 Mindy S. Lubber, Julia Taylor Kennedy Even though U.S. public policies are often lagging behind, pressures from shareholders and investors, greater transparency, and heightened risk awareness are all contributing to a new focus on sustainability for many companies, says Mindy Lubber.

Follow the Money: Krishen Mehta on Capital Flight | 05/23/11 Krishen Mehta, Julia Taylor Kennedy How does capital flight work and how big a problem is it? Krishen Mehta of Global Financial Integrity (GFI) explains that in total, developing countries lose close to $1 trillion every year, of which 65 percent is related to commercial tax evasion.

Follow the Money: Krishen Mehta on Capital Flight | 05/20/11 Krishen Mehta, Julia Taylor Kennedy How does capital flight work and how big a problem is it? Krishen Mehta of Global Financial Integrity (GFI) explains that in total, developing countries lose close to $1 trillion every year, of which 65 percent is related to commercial tax evasion.

Going Green: Initiatives in the Workplace | 05/20/11 Michael Ellis, Julia Taylor Kennedy Michael Ellis, from the sustainability consulting firm GreenOrder, discusses how companies can work with employees to make sure they're onboard with green initiatives--and why that's such an important part of green workplaces.

Alcoa's William O'Rourke: Ethical Business Practices, from Russia to Sustainability | 05/10/11 William O'Rourke Jr., Julia Taylor Kennedy It's all about personal convictions: Bill O'Rourke explains how he grew Alcoa's business in Russia to $1B revenue without giving a single bribe, and how he fosters sustainability, health, and safety practices in his current U.S. position.

Powering the Dream: The History and Promise of Green Technologies | 04/29/11 Alexis Madrigal, Evan O'Neil Author Alexis Madrigal examines the history of green technologies in America and shows how they have been entangled with culture, ethics, and government policies.

Scott Belsky on Making Ideas Happen | 04/19/11 Scott Belsky, Julia Taylor Kennedy Scott Belsky's mission is to organize and empower creative professionals. "There's so much talk about how to be more creative, but there isn't enough discussion about the execution side of the equation--how can individuals and teams better execute and follow through on their ideas."

Edward Glaeser on the Triumph of the City | 04/08/11 Edward Glaeser, Julia Taylor Kennedy "We live in an age in which it is effortless to telecommunicate across the globe, in which we could all just dial in from some sylvan suburb," says Harvard economist Edward Glaeser. "But along so many dimensions, cities are more vital, more innovative, and more important than ever."

Captain James Staples on International Piracy | 04/03/11 James Staples, Julia Taylor Kennedy Everyone knows that the only real solution to piracy in the Indian Ocean is to stabilize Somalia and revive its economy, says Merchant Marine Captain James Staples, a piracy expert. As long as Somalians have nothing to lose, piracy will continue.

Swan Paik on Nike Foundation and the Girl Effect | 03/24/11 Swan Paik, Julia Taylor Kennedy Women and girls are a powerful accelerator for change, says Nike Foundation's Swan Paik. By allowing girls to fall through irreversible trap doors in adolescence, the world is missing out on the tremendous potential that they have to offer.

Just Business: Swan Paik on Nike Foundation and the Girl Effect | 03/18/11 Swan Paik, Julia Taylor Kennedy Women and girls are a powerful accelerator for change, says Nike Foundation's Swan Paik. By allowing girls to fall through irreversible trap doors in adolescence, the world is missing out on the tremendous potential that they have to offer.

Jerusha Klemperer of Slow Food USA | 03/01/11 Jerusha Klemperer, Julia Taylor Kennedy Jerusha Klemperer, associate director of programs at Slow Food USA, explains the differences between slow and fast food and discusses food equity--how to make slow food more affordable and more widely available.  

Roo Rogers on Collaborative Consumption | 02/24/11 Roo Rogers, Julia Taylor Kennedy Author and eco-entrepreneur Roo Rogers' ventures include an alternative town-car service that uses hybrid cars. His recent book, "What's Mine is Yours," discusses collaborative consumption--bartering, trading, and sharing, but on a massive scale. Examples include Ebay and Craigslist. 

Just Business: Susan Davis on Business Solutions to Fight Poverty | 02/07/11 Susan Davis, Julia Taylor Kennedy "Although there is no magic bullet, social entrepreneurship unlocks everybody's ability to be a change maker and to participate in the solutions to their own problems," says Susan Davis of BRAC, the world's largest development agency and a microfinance pioneer.

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