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Kevin Bales |
Kevin Bales is an author, professor, and president of Free the Slaves. » People

In honor of International Women's Day on March 8, we present a selection of Carnegie Council's resources from the past year. It features interviews with extraordinary, inspiring women from around the world, materials on overcoming violence against women, and thoughts on women and world peace. » Publications » Resource Picks

HUMAN RIGHTS DAY 2013 | 12/09/13
These multimedia resources cover a wide range of human rights issues, including exposing abuses; women's rights; workers' rights in South Asia; human rights in North Korea and China; and lastly, a classic article on world poverty and human rights. » Publications » Resource Picks

Ethics Matter: A Conversation with Online Activist Ricken Patel | 11/22/13
Ricken Patel, James Traub
A brilliant student, Ricken Patel could have had a stellar career in any field he wished. Instead he chose to live among the poor in some of the world's most dangerous places, and ultimately founded Avaaz, a successful activist organization with more than 30 million members. Learn more about Patel and Avaaz in this remarkable interview. » Studio » Multimedia

Thought Leader: Chan Heng Chee | 11/19/13
Chan Heng Chee, Devin T. Stewart, Anna Kiefer
"Globally, have we reached a point where we accept that genocide is not acceptable? I think we have. But what to do about it is something different. I'm not sure that, while we know what we have to do, the wherewithal is there, the resources are there, the will is there to deal with some of the larger egregious behavior in the world." » Studio » Thought Leaders Forum

Thought Leader: Fazle Hasan Abed | 11/11/13
Fazle Hasan Abed, Devin T. Stewart
Fazle Hasan Abed is the founder of BRAC, the world's largest non-governmental development organization, measured by the number of employees and the number of people it has helped. He discusses what he sees as the greatest challenges facing us today: poverty, gender equality, and curbing consumption in order to save the planet. » Studio » Thought Leaders Forum

Chile's Opportunity to Eradicate Violence Against Women—and Set an Example for the Region | 10/21/13
Julia Taylor Kennedy
If Michelle Bachelet regains the Chilean presidency in the 2013 election, she has the opportunity to create a lasting legacy for women. What's needed is a multi-pronged approach that properly funds and enforces regulations, but even more importantly, goes to the root of the problem by bringing about cultural change. » Publications » Carnegie Ethics Online

Protecting Women Refusing to be Victims of Violence | 10/19/13
Layli Miller-Muro, Liana Sterling
"Our goal is to truly provide justice to incredibly courageous women and girls who have suffered things that make us uncomfortable. They have suffered things that are hard to speak out loud." In this wise, inspiring talk, Miller-Muro tackles uncomfortable ethical questions, such as cultural relativism and our responsibilities towards those in trouble. » Studio » Multimedia

Ethical Challenges in Trans-Pacific Relations: Selected Essays, 2013 Contest | 09/27/13
Carnegie Council presents the 12 best essays from our 2013 Trans-Pacific Contest, a pioneering exercise in student collaboration. These outstanding pieces touch on issues ranging from the ethical implications of sweatshops, to cybersecurity, to climate change. Read their essays in magazine form or download the PDF. » Publications » Articles, Papers, and Reports

Roundtable: Reflections on International Peace | 06/20/13
"Ethics & International Affairs" and Carnegie Council are proud to present a special Centennial roundtable, “Reflections on International Peace,” with contributions from David C. Hendrickson, Akira Iriye, Laura Sjoberg, Nigel Young, and Andrew Hurrell. » Publications » Ethics & International Affairs » Table of Contents and Excerpt from Ethics & International Affairs, Volume 27.2 (Summer 2013)

"Sex & World Peace" by Valerie M. Hudson, Bonnie Ballif-Spanvill, Mary Caprioli, and Chad F. Emmett | 06/06/13
"Sex & World Peace" clearly and forcefully lays out the links between women’s security and international and domestic security, thus providing a clear template for change. » Publications » Ethics & International Affairs » Table of Contents and Excerpt from Ethics & International Affairs, Volume 27.2 (Summer 2013)

Asian Universities Offer Programs for Female Leaders | 05/27/13
Rajeev Gowda of the Center for Public Policy at the Indian Institute and also a Carnegie Council Global Ethics Fellow, was quoted a "New York Times" article about the Institute's Women in Leadership program for aspiring politicians. » News » Media Mentions

Human Trafficking Around the World: Hidden in Plain Sight | 05/16/13
Stephanie Hepburn
Victims of trafficking are both young and old, male and female. They can be found working in factories, fields, brothels, private homes, and innumerable other settings. They may be hidden behind walls or seen in plain view. How can trafficking be stopped? » Studio » Multimedia

Three Salient Cultural Disagreements | 05/14/13
"Huffington Post" featured China scholar Andrew Nathan's piece, "Three Salient Cultural Disagreements." This series is co-produced by Carnegie Council as part of our Centennial Thought Leaders Forum. » News » Media Mentions

Revisiting Women's Rights in Islam in Gender Equality in Muslim Family Law: Justice and Ethics in the Islamic Legal Tradition | 05/13/13
Global Ethics Fellow Mohsen Kadivar contributed the chapter "Revisiting Women's Rights in Islam" in the book "Gender Equality in Muslim Family Law: Justice and Ethics in the Islamic Legal Tradition." » News » Media Mentions

Thought Leader: Louise Arbour | 05/01/13
Louise Arbour, David C. Speedie, Anna Kiefer
"I think what is morally distinct is our consciousness of the disconnect between our values, our aspirations, our capabilities, and our deliverables. We are still conscious of how much we are falling short of our aspirations." » Studio » Thought Leaders Forum

Ethics Matter: Zainab Salbi on Women, War, and Self-Empowerment | 04/09/13
Zainab Salbi, Marlene Spoerri
In this fascinating conversation, Zainab Salbi discusses her personal journey from growing up in Saddam Hussein's Iraq to becoming a global champion of women's rights. She also focuses on the realities of women's lives across the Middle East and proposes constructive ways to change negatives to positives. » Studio » Multimedia

Thought Leader: Mary Robinson | 03/22/13
Mary Robinson, Devin T. Stewart
"What strikes me about the world today is that it's a world of 7 billion people who are more connected than ever before, and yet the divides are huge. We see growing inequality both within countries and between countries. I'm not sure that we can continue like this and be socially cohesive." » Studio » Thought Leaders Forum

Thought Leader: Bineta Diop | 03/21/13
Bineta Diop, Devin T. Stewart, Anna Kiefer
"For me, leadership is also feminine. I always say that the men who have feminine values are part of the criteria for me to look for in leadership. It is that touch, that caring, giving, solidarity. Those are things that for me are very fundamental in leadership." » Studio » Thought Leaders Forum

Public Affairs: Everybody Matters: My Life Giving Voice | 03/15/13
Mary Robinson
In this inspiring talk about her extraordinary life so far, Mary Robinson tells us of her early years and how she became president of Ireland, even though the odds were 100-1; her work as a champion of human rights, especially those of women; and about her current work as president of the Mary Robinson Foundation - Climate Justice. » Studio » Multimedia

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