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Technology for Development: Why Training Trumps Technology | 08/13/12
Laura Hosman
An innovative project is bringing a "Solar-Computer-Lab-in-a-Box," along with solar-powered Internet, to a tiny, off-the-grid Pacific island. But while the technology is exciting, it's not enough. For projects of this kind to be sustainable, training, skill-building, and partnering are equally important. » Publications » Carnegie Ethics Online

The Ethical Implications of Sea-Level Rise Due to Climate Change [Abstract] | 09/28/10
Sujatha Byravan, Sudhir Chella Rajan
Does humanity have a moral obligation toward the estimated millions of individuals who will be displaced from their homes over the course of this century primarily due to sea-level rise as the earth's climate warms? What form should these actions take? » Publications » Ethics & International Affairs » Ethics & International Affairs Volume 24.3 (Fall 2010) » Features

NWFZs: Pursuing a World Free of Nuclear Weapons | 09/07/10
Caitlin Tierney
Today there are five Nuclear Weapon Free Zone (NWFZ) treaties, yet only one has been fully ratified. Sadly, the reservations of the nuclear weapon states, specifically those of the United States, hinder the success and complete denuclearization of these designated zones. » Publications » Articles, Papers, and Reports

Devin Stewart Interviews Unmesh Brahme, Cofounder of the Climate Civics Institute | 04/29/10
Unmesh Brahme, Devin T. Stewart
Unmesh Brahme of HSBC India discusses his newly-launched Climate Civics Institute, which grew out of a Yale World Fellowship. The Institute's mission is to create climate adaptation communities worldwide, so that their experiences can lead to policy innovations. » Multimedia » All Audio, Video, Transcripts

Mining a Sacred Land | 04/27/04
Abigail Abrash Walton
Walton describes Freeport McMoRan's devastation of the Amungme and Kamoro people in Papua in what has become one of the best known cases of environmental injustice perpetrated by a multinational extractive industry. » Publications » Archive » Human Rights Dialogue (1994–2005) » Series 2 No. 11 (Spring 2004): Environmental Rights » SECTION 3 THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ENVIRONMENTAL RIGHTS AND ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE

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