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Philip Amaral |
Philip Amaral is a Policy and Advocacy Officer at the Jesuit Refugee Service Europe. » People

Stephanie Bailey |
Stephanie L. Bailey is a project lead in the Center for Health Policy at the Stanford University School of Medicine and an adjunct professor at Dominican University of California. » People

Neha Bhat |
Neha Bhat is a researcher on international refugee law and its intersection with climate change, counter-terrorism, and national security. » People

Ellery Roberts Biddle |
Ellery Roberts Biddle is a dual M.A. candidate at the Center for Latin American Studies and the Harris School of Public Policy Studies at the University of Chicago. Her research focuses on technology policy and the politics of digital expression in Cuba. » People

Valeria Budinich |
Valeria Budinich launched the Ashoka's Full Economic Citizenship initiative in 2003 after having worked for 20 years in the creation of business development programs in 22 countries. » People

Andreas Bummel |
Andreas Bummel is founding Chairman and CEO of the Committee for a Democratic UN, which specializes on the establishment of a Parliamentary Assembly at the United Nations. » People

Geoffrey Cain |
Geoffrey Cain is a freelance journalist covering press and Internet freedoms. He was a Fulbright scholar in Vietnam from 2010 to 2011. » People

Aldo Caliari |
Aldo Caliari is a lawyer from Argentina. He holds a Masters of Laws (LL. M.) degree from American University (specialization: International Human Rights Law), where he received the Outstanding Graduate Award. » People

Debbie Chung |
Debbie Chung is a senior undergraduate at New York University, studying politics and economics. She joined the GPI Global Internship for fall 2009. » People

Anjanette DeCarlo |
Anjanette DeCarlo is currently a visiting professor of environmental studies at St. Michael's College. » People

Mindsets May Hinder Progress in Myanmar | 06/05/13
Devin T. Stewart
Great excitement surrounds the World Economic Forum meeting in Myanmar this week, an indication of the country's new openness. But while the media has highlighted Myanmar's political, economic, and social challenges, less discussed are the mindsets that underlie them. Stewart's report is based on several years of interviews in Myanmar and the region. » Publications » Articles, Papers, and Reports

Environmental Rights as a Matter of Survival | 04/20/04
Blake D. Ratner
Ratner points out that, for Cambodia's fishing communities, whose livelihoods depend on access to fishing grounds, human rights and the environment are "related in every way." » Publications » Archive » Human Rights Dialogue (1994–2005) » Series 2 No. 11 (Spring 2004): Environmental Rights » SECTION 1 THE INSEPARABILITY OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND ENVIRONMENTALISM

Gary Flomenhoft |
Gary Flomenhoft is research associate professor at the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, University of Vermont. » People

Aya Fujimura-Fanselow |
Aya Fujimura-Fanselow is Legal Adviser for International Litigation and Advocacy in the International Legal Program at the Center for Reproductive Rights. » People

Alanna Hartzok |
Alanna Hartzok is co-director of Earth Rights Institute, a civil society organization working for economic justice and peaceful resolution of conflicts. » People

Ian Higham |
Ian Higham is a research assistant at the Institute for International Economic Policy at George Washington University.

» People

Robin Hodess |
Robin Hodess is Director of Policy and Research for Transparency International. » People

Mara Hvistendahl |
Mara Hvistendahl is an award-winning writer and journalist specialized in the intersection of science, culture, and policy. » People

Sofia Karlsson |
Sofia Karlsson is a Carnegie New Leader and joined the GPI Global Internship for spring 2010. » People

Olivier Kayser |
Based in London, Olivier Kayser is Ashoka's vice-president for Europe. » People

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