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Philip Amaral |
Philip Amaral is a Policy and Advocacy Officer at the Jesuit Refugee Service Europe. » People

Stephanie Bailey |
Stephanie L. Bailey is a project lead in the Center for Health Policy at the Stanford University School of Medicine and an adjunct professor at Dominican University of California. » People

Neha Bhat |
Neha Bhat is a researcher on international refugee law and its intersection with climate change, counter-terrorism, and national security. » People

Ellery Roberts Biddle |
Ellery Roberts Biddle is a dual M.A. candidate at the Center for Latin American Studies and the Harris School of Public Policy Studies at the University of Chicago. Her research focuses on technology policy and the politics of digital expression in Cuba. » People

Valeria Budinich |
Valeria Budinich launched the Ashoka's Full Economic Citizenship initiative in 2003 after having worked for 20 years in the creation of business development programs in 22 countries. » People

Andreas Bummel |
Andreas Bummel is founding Chairman and CEO of the Committee for a Democratic UN, which specializes on the establishment of a Parliamentary Assembly at the United Nations. » People

Geoffrey Cain |
Geoffrey Cain is a freelance journalist covering press and Internet freedoms. He was a Fulbright scholar in Vietnam from 2010 to 2011. » People

Aldo Caliari |
Aldo Caliari is a lawyer from Argentina. He holds a Masters of Laws (LL. M.) degree from American University (specialization: International Human Rights Law), where he received the Outstanding Graduate Award. » People

Debbie Chung |
Debbie Chung is a senior undergraduate at New York University, studying politics and economics. She joined the GPI Global Internship for fall 2009. » People

Anjanette DeCarlo |
Anjanette DeCarlo is currently a visiting professor of environmental studies at St. Michael's College. » People

Fighting Obesity Requires a Choice: Profit or Public Health? | 10/15/15
Roberto De Vogli, Noemi Renzetti
Unless governments take steps to promote healthy diets and discourage consumption of ultra-processed products, chances to stop and reverse the obesity epidemic remain quite slim. » Publications » Archive » Policy Innovations Digital Magazine (2006-2016) » Commentary

The Smartification of Humanitarian Response | 04/08/15
Moses Sitati
The "data revolution" is underway, ushering a smart era of humanitarian and development work. » Publications » Archive » Policy Innovations Digital Magazine (2006-2016) » Innovations

Beyond Business as Usual | 10/27/14
Richard Brubaker, Mike J. Thompson
Conducting business as usual is no longer good enough. Instead of finding ways to use society and the environment to be successful, companies must contribute to society and the environment in order to sustain success. » Publications » Archive » Policy Innovations Digital Magazine (2006-2016) » Commentary

A Dangerous Dance in Modern Iran | 05/30/14
Negar Rachel Treister
Any stirring of excitement about change in Iran needs to be tempered by the reality that change will never come from the current leadership. » Publications » Archive » Policy Innovations Digital Magazine (2006-2016) » Commentary

Islamophobia Is Not Just a Western Problem | 05/14/14
Kavitha Rajagopalan
The success of nationalists in India's election shows how easily an intricate social fabric can be rent for political purposes. » Publications » Archive » Policy Innovations Digital Magazine (2006-2016) » Commentary

A United Front in the War for Wildlife | 04/04/14
Simon Hedges
Conservationists need a unified approach to stop the illegal trade in wildlife: species protection, human development, good governance, and enforcement. » Publications » Archive » Policy Innovations Digital Magazine (2006-2016) » Commentary

Forced Evictions Defeat the Spirit of Big Sporting Events | 03/19/14
Priscila Néri
The evicted residents of Rio demand to be included in the benefits and the legacies of big tournaments like the World Cup and Olympics. » Publications » Archive » Policy Innovations Digital Magazine (2006-2016) » Commentary

Innovating Aid | 11/18/13
Neha Bhat
Neha Bhat talks with innovators in humanitarian and development aid about new and efficient solutions to the crises of our time. » Publications » Archive » Policy Innovations Digital Magazine (2006-2016) » Briefings

UNDP Uses a New Human Development Eco Footprint | 07/08/13
Prahlad Shekhawat
The 2013 Human Development Report has brought hybrid economic-ecologic metrics into a new era, providing a clear path to a broader meaning of development. » Publications » Archive » Policy Innovations Digital Magazine (2006-2016) » Briefings

Mindsets May Hinder Progress in Myanmar | 06/05/13
Devin T. Stewart
Great excitement surrounds the World Economic Forum meeting in Myanmar this week, an indication of the country's new openness. But while the media has highlighted Myanmar's political, economic, and social challenges, less discussed are the mindsets that underlie them. Stewart's report is based on several years of interviews in Myanmar and the region. » Publications » Articles, Papers, and Reports

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