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Christian Barry |
Christian Barry is director of the Centre for Moral, Social, and Political Theory (CMSPT) in the School of Philosophy at the Research School of Social Sciences (RSSS), Australian National University. He also hosts Public Ethics Radio, an online audio broadcast with ethicists discussing timely and important practical dilemmas. » People

Jagdish Bhagwati |
Jagdish Bhagwati is a professor of economics at Columbia University and a senior fellow in international economics at the Council on Foreign Relations. » People

Noah Bopp |
Noah Bopp is director of The School for Ethics and Global Leadership, a semester-long program in Washington, D.C. » People

Julian Bourg |
Julian Bourg is visiting assistant professor of history at Bryn Mawr College. » People

Christopher Caldwell |
Christopher Caldwell is a journalist and senior editor at The Weekly Standard, as well as a regular contributor to the Financial Times and Slate. » People

Kurt Campbell |
Kurt Campbell is the senor vice president and director of the International Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and holds the Henry Kissinger Chair in National Security. » People

Jean L. Cohen |
Jean L. Cohen is professor of political science at Columbia University. » People

Kemal Dervis |
Kemal Dervis, Turkish politician and economist, is currently head of the UN Development Program. He has held many positions at the World Bank and taught at Princeton University and Middle East Technical Universites. » People

Lou Dobbs |
Lou Dobbs is the anchor and managing editor of CNN's "Lou Dobbs Tonight." He also anchors, "The Lou Dobbs Financial Report," and is a columnist for Money magazine and U.S. News and World Report. » People

The Rise of the New Far Right in Europe and Implications for European Parliament Elections | 05/13/14
David Art, Virág Molnár, Cas Mudde
This panel gives an excellent overview of the complexities of the rise of right-wing populism across Europe, focusing in particular on France, the UK, and Hungary. The discussion illuminates the differences and similarities between the movements and shows how in many countries the themes of the radical left have been hijacked by the radical right. » Studio » All Audio, Video, Transcripts

Of All Possible Future Worlds: Global Trends, Values, and Ethics | 03/31/14
Thong Nguyen
This course examines world trends and the degree to which values and ethical choices can shape humanity in the future. » Education » Course Ideas » Course Syllabi

Democracy, Globalization, and Human Rights | 03/27/14
Deen Chatterjee
This seminar examines the theories of rights that provide for a cosmopolitan framework but have room for local variations consistent with alternative versions of democratic decision-making. » Education » Course Ideas » Course Syllabi

Justice and International Affairs | 03/27/14
Deen Chatterjee
This is a course in political philosophy, broadly construed, with a focus on the issues of justice in international affairs. » Education » Course Ideas » Course Syllabi

Political Philosophy | 03/27/14
Deen Chatterjee
The course is designed to introduce the basic concepts of political philosophy such as liberty, equality, democracy, and justice and to examine their international implications through a focused study of the political consequences of global interdependence. » Education » Course Ideas » Course Syllabi

Global Ethics | 02/24/14
Evan Berry
This course explores the complexities of international relations along two fronts: the emergence of global ethical questions, and the globalization of ethics itself. » Education » Course Ideas » Course Syllabi

Modern Moral Problems: Climate Change | 02/24/14
Evan Berry
This course is designed to introduce students to an ethical issue of contemporary significance and along the way develop a deeper understanding of applied ethics as a field. » Education » Course Ideas » Course Syllabi

The Moral Operating System of a Global City: Los Angeles | 01/31/14
Michael Ignatieff
For global cities to solve the central problem of collaboration among strangers, they need a moral operating system: shared codes and behaviors that enable people from different backgrounds to live together on a daily basis. » Publications » Articles, Papers, and Reports

The Rise of Extremism in a Disunited Europe | 01/17/14
David C. Speedie, Jennifer Otterson Mollick
A sinister scenario is playing out in Europe: the rise of right-wing populism, and in some cases, extreme far-right forces. Throughout 2013, Carnegie Council's U.S. Global Engagement program tracked these developments and it will be publishing its findings in 2014. This article analyzes the current situation. » Publications » Articles, Papers, and Reports

Ethics on Film: Discussion of "Dirty Wars" | 12/19/13
Andreas Rekdal
"Dirty Wars" chronicles the undeclared shadow wars fought across the globe in the name of American national security--as well as the highly secretive agencies who fight them. How many of our values can we afford to sacrifice in the name of national security? Will the "war on terror" ever end? » Publications » Ethics on Film

Ill Fares the Invisible Hand | 12/10/13
Zach Dorfman
According to census data from 2012, there are 46.5 million Americans currently living in poverty. That is more than one in seven Americans, or roughly 15 percent of the population. Zach Dorfman reviews two extraordinary books on poverty and increasing inequality in the United States. » Publications » Articles, Papers, and Reports

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