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History and the Politics of Reconciliation (2000-2005) |
Elizabeth A. Cole
This program promoted research and dialogue on how societies reckon with difficult pasts and the process involved in reconciliation at a societal or political level. » Programs » Archive » History and the Politics of Reconciliation Program

Policy Innovations | » Publications

Taiwan's Student Sunflower Movement: Interview with Two of its Leaders | 04/23/14
Huang Yu-fen, Wei Yang, Madeleine Lynn
In an unprecedented event this Spring, the Sunflower Student Movement occupied Taiwan's Legislative Yuan for over three weeks. The students finally withdrew after the government promised to postpone ratifying the trade agreement with China which originally sparked the protest. Two of its leaders discuss the Movement and Taiwan's future. » Studio » Multimedia

International Human Rights | 04/21/14
Deen Chatterjee
This course examines the nature, practice, and limits of human rights in today's global world. » Education » Course Ideas » Course Syllabi

The Story of the Jews: Finding the Words (1000 BCE–1492) | 04/10/14
Simon Schama
Never at a loss for words, the inimitable, erudite, and very funny Simon Schama free-associates his way through Jewish history: the Old Testament, Jewish dancing masters in 16th century Italy, Passover recipes, the future of Israel--it's all here, and more. » Studio » Multimedia

Conviction, Conflict, Community: A Conversation with George Rupp | 04/07/14
George Rupp, James Traub
The United States' problem is the presumption of individualism, which is deeply resented and resisted in most of the world, except in some parts of Western Europe. Until we get over that, we are not going to be able to engage with international issues, because we are unaware of how deeply unacceptable our default position is to all those other communities. » Studio » Multimedia

"Watchers of the Sky": Film Screening & Conversation with Luis Moreno-Ocampo | 04/02/14
Luis Moreno-Ocampo, Eddie Mandhry
What are the challenges facing the International Criminal Court? How can it be more effective? Former ICC prosecutor Moreno-Ocampo explains. » Studio » Multimedia

Of All Possible Future Worlds: Global Trends, Values, and Ethics | 03/31/14
Thomas Nguyen
This course examines world trends and the degree to which values and ethical choices can shape humanity in the future. » Education » Course Ideas » Course Syllabi

Democracy, Globalization, and Human Rights | 03/27/14
Deen Chatterjee
This seminar examines the theories of rights that provide for a cosmopolitan framework but have room for local variations consistent with alternative versions of democratic decision-making. » Education » Course Ideas » Course Syllabi

God, Faith, and Reason | 03/27/14
Deen Chatterjee
This course examines the meaning and limitations of some of the central concepts and beliefs in the philosophical and public discourse on the question of God's existence. » Education » Course Ideas » Course Syllabi

Justice and International Affairs | 03/27/14
Deen Chatterjee
This is a course in political philosophy, broadly construed, with a focus on the issues of justice in international affairs. » Education » Course Ideas » Course Syllabi

Political Philosophy | 03/27/14
Deen Chatterjee
The course is designed to introduce the basic concepts of political philosophy such as liberty, equality, democracy, and justice and to examine their international implications through a focused study of the political consequences of global interdependence. » Education » Course Ideas » Course Syllabi

Free Online Syllabi from Carnegie Council Global Ethics Fellows | 03/12/14
Carnegie Council presents syllabi on ethics, armed conflict, global civics, global governance, climate change, and Islam in politics. Although these materials are designed for students, they will be useful for everyone who cares about the pressing international issues of our time. » News » Press Releases

"War on Terror," an Insider's View: A Conversation with Harold H. Koh | 02/28/14
Harold Hongju Koh, James Traub
As legal adviser to the State Department from 2009 to 2013, Harold Koh was responsible for making judgments about the most difficult issues in the "war on terror": drone strikes, military tribunals, preventive detention. This fascinating and revealing conversation explores Koh's moral convictions and the inner workings of government. » Studio » Multimedia

Global Ethics | 02/24/14
Evan Berry
This course explores the complexities of international relations along two fronts: the emergence of global ethical questions, and the globalization of ethics itself. » Education » Course Ideas » Course Syllabi

Modern Moral Problems: Climate Change | 02/24/14
Evan Berry
This course is designed to introduce students to an ethical issue of contemporary significance and along the way develop a deeper understanding of applied ethics as a field. » Education » Course Ideas » Course Syllabi

Introducing: CARNEGIE COUNCIL | 02/11/14
Want to learn more about Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs? This five-minute video gives a quick introduction to our past, our present, and our ambitions for the future. » Studio » Multimedia

Winners of the 2013 International Student/Teacher "Moral Leadership" Essay Contest | 01/31/14
The essay topic was "What does moral leadership mean to you?" In total we received 168 entries from 31 countries. Read the winning essays here! » News » Press Releases

Ill Fares the Invisible Hand | 12/10/13
Zach Dorfman
According to census data from 2012, there are 46.5 million Americans currently living in poverty. That is more than one in seven Americans, or roughly 15 percent of the population. Zach Dorfman reviews two extraordinary books on poverty and increasing inequality in the United States. » Publications » Articles, Papers, and Reports

Informing the News: The Need for Knowledge-Based Journalism | 11/26/13
Thomas E. Patterson
Journalists sorely need more expertise in the topics they report on, such as business, education and geopolitics, says Thomas Patterson, Bradlee Professor of Government and the Press at Harvard. For unless they know their subject area well, they are vulnerable to their sources and their reporting may be skewed or incomplete. » Studio » Multimedia

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