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Russia's Central Asian Workforce: Why are Xenophobia and Nationalism on the Rise? | 03/07/14
Masha S. Feiguinova, Vicki Litvinov,
After the U.S., Russia is the second largest recipient of migrant labor in the world. And 80 percent of its migrants come from the former Soviet Union, many from countries in Central Asia. How are nationalism, xenophobia, and labor migration intersecting in Russia today? What is the role of the government and the media?

Good Neighbors? The Shanghai Cooperation Organization | 02/18/10
David C. Speedie
The West has largely dismissed the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as some kind of empty anti-U.S., anti-NATO rhetorical flourish, writes David Speedie. Yet in fact its expanded role and reach are demonstrable, impressive, and likely to continue. » Publications » Articles, Papers, and Reports

The September 11 Effect [Full Text] | 11/13/02
Paige Arthur, Omar Noman, Sima Wali, Robert L. Bach, James D. Ross, Nicolas de Torrenté
Since it seems that the leaders of the antiterrorist campaign are scripting their objectives to fit as they go along, the public should be more careful in deciding which policies it wants to support. » Publications » Ethics & International Affairs » Ethics & International Affairs, Volume 16.2 (Fall 2002) » Roundtable: The September 11 Effect

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