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Climate Change Mitigation, Peacebuilding, and Resilience | 04/10/14
Florian Krampe
How are our efforts to reduce the impact of climate change affecting post-conflict societies? Drawing on his empirical data on micro hydropower development in post-conflict Nepal, Florian Krampe investigates whether climate change mitigation contributes to peacebuilding there. The results are nuanced and rather unexpected. » Publications » Carnegie Ethics Online

Global Ethics Corner: Who Does Everest Belong To? | 05/20/13
A fight on Mt. Everest between Nepalese Sherpas and European climbers has again raised questions about tourism and the world's tallest mountain. Should the Sherpas, who live and work on the mountain, control access to the peak? Should the tourists have any say? » Multimedia » All Audio, Video, Transcripts

Winners of the 2011 International Student/Teacher Essay Contest, "Making a Difference" | 02/07/12
Carnegie Council announces the results of its 2011 International Student/Teacher Essay Competition, "Making a Difference." Winners are from Nepal, India, the UK, and the U.S.A., with honorable mentions for essays from the U.S.A. and Kenya. » News » Press Releases

1st Prize High School Category, "Making a Difference" Essay Contest, 2011 | 02/07/12
"It is through our actions and our efforts, where large or small, that we can bring about a change in the attitudes of those around us in ensuring sustainability," says Akrish, from Kathmandu. » Publications » Articles, Papers, and Reports

The Contested Terrain of Water Development and Human Rights | 05/10/01
Dipak Gyawali
Nepalese water expert Dipak Gyawali discusses the role of the human rights movement in contesting dams and other water projects that destroy people's homes and livelihoods. » Multimedia » All Audio, Video, Transcripts

The Two-headed Problem of Asian Hydropolitics: Security and Scarcity |
Saleem H. Ali
With the Tibetan plateau serving as a third pole of available water, and the rift widening between China and the Dalai Lama's government in exile, it is high time that innovative strategies be considered for conflict resolution and water scarcity in Asia. » Publications » Articles, Papers, and Reports

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