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New Edited Volume, "Religion, Public Policy and Social Transformation in Southeast Asia" | 05/03/16
Carnegie Council's Pacific Fellow Dr. Dicky Sofjan is the editor of the new volume, "Religion, Public Policy and Social Transformation in Southeast Asia: Managing Religious Diversity." It is the first volume of a three-part book series dealing with religion and its interface with the state and society in Southeast Asia. » News » Press Releases

The "Singapore School" of Asian Values: Down But Not Out? | 01/26/16
See Seng Tan
When the Asian financial crisis of 1997 blunted the so-called "Asian Economic Miracle," critics--many Westerners, but also Asians tired of the tendentious claims of their cultural elites--bid good riddance to the end of "Asian values." Yet the "Singapore school" could well experience a revival in the foreseeable future, albeit in a different form. » Publications » Articles, Papers, and Reports

Sidelined at the Summit: Indigenous Peoples Ignored in the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement | 01/25/16
Bennett Collins
It is no exaggeration to say that Indigenous Peoples are the frontline defenders in the fight against the forces perpetuating climate change. Yet despite lip-service about their importance, the richer, more powerful countries saw to it that Indigenous Peoples and their voices were largely unseen and unheard at the Paris Conference. » Publications » Carnegie Ethics Online

Migrant Deaths Worldwide | 06/08/15
Kavitha Rajagopalan
There is no going back to a world in which migration can be prevented. The only solution to the global crisis of migrant deaths is to merge humanitarian efforts to aid and rescue migrants with coordinated, cooperative efforts to open safe, long-term migration channels throughout regions, and even the world. » Publications » Articles, Papers, and Reports

Addressing Modern-Day Slavery in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) | 05/20/15
Nubia Pena, Paolo Zabala Alfar
Of the world's 36 million trafficking victims, nearly two-thirds are from Asian countries. In order for the United States and Asia to have a promising future in trade, foreign policy negotiations, and mutual investment in socioeconomic development, there must be a closer collaboration to eradicate this terrible crime. » Publications » Articles, Papers, and Reports

Lawlessness: Malaysia and Its Law of Rules | 12/03/14
Jayson Browder
With restrictive laws and harassment touching NGOs, journalists, religious and ethnic minorities, and the LGBT community, Malaysia's rule of law problem cannot be ignored. How can the country's "rotting" institutions be reformed? » Publications » Articles, Papers, and Reports

Win a Trip to New York City! Trans-Pacific Contest, Deadline April 30, 2105 | 09/04/14
ESSAY OR VIDEO TOPIC: What is the future of U.S.-Asia relations or of the United States and one of the Asian countries listed? Please use specific examples or stories to illustrate your points. Each entry must be a collaboration between a student who is a citizen of the United States and a student from one of the listed East Asian countries. DEADLINE: April 30, 2015. » News » Press Releases

Corporations as Agents of Change | 05/22/14
Christine Bader, Carole Basri, Wayne Brody, Aneel Karnani, Alice Korngold, Julia Taylor Kennedy
Can today's powerful multinational corporations be a force for social good? Should they be, and if so, how should this be implemented? Are they out for themselves, their customers, society, or some combination of all three? » Multimedia » All Audio, Video, Transcripts

Asia's Cauldron: The South China Sea and the End of a Stable Pacific | 04/14/14
Robert D. Kaplan
No wonder the South China Sea is important to China, says Robert Kaplan. It's the Mediterranean of Asia, the center of international commerce, including energy shipments. Plus, if the Chinese control it and thus gain access to the Indian Ocean, China will have a two-ocean navy, transforming it in military terms from a regional power into a world power. » Multimedia » All Audio, Video, Transcripts

Essay on Ethics of Cybersecurity Wins Trans-Pacific Contest: Co-Authors from China (Stanford U) and U.S. (Oxford U) | 05/24/13
What is the greatest ethical challenge facing U.S.-Asia relations? In this unique contest, we challenged American and East Asian students to submit a joint essay or video to answer this question. Responses included the threat of cyber-war, sweatshops, human rights, censorship, neo-imperialism, and climate change. » News » Press Releases

Book Review: "The End of the Free Market" by Ian Bremmer | 05/13/10
Devin T. Stewart
State capitalism differs from free-market capitalism in that politics rather than profit is the main driver of decision-making. For this reason, it threatens to curtail free markets and the global economy. » Publications » Articles, Papers, and Reports

How Enemies Become Friends: The Sources of Stable Peace | 04/13/10
Charles A. Kupchan, Joanne J. Myers
Diplomatic engagement with rivals, far from being appeasement, is critical to rapprochement between adversaries, says Charles Kupchan, and diplomacy, not economic interdependence, creates the path to peace. » Multimedia » All Audio, Video, Transcripts

Crackdown with a Blessing | 12/31/02
Elizabeth K. P. Wong, Karim Raslan
Wong reports on the use and abuse of Malaysia’s Internal Security Act and its new-found international support in the post–September 11 world. Raslan, a Malaysian journalist, discusses how the Bali attacks forced him to reconsider his support for rights in these uncertain times. » Publications » Archive » Human Rights Dialogue (1994–2005) » Series 2 No. 8 (Fall 2002): Public Security and Human Rights » Articles

Implementing Women's Human Rights in Malaysia | 06/05/97
Norani Othman
Norani Othman points out the the potential problems and solutions to promoting women's rights in an Islamic society in Malyasia. » Publications » Archive » Human Rights Dialogue (1994–2005) » Series 1, Number 9 (Summer 1997): Innovative Human Rights Strategies in East Asia » Articles

MALAYSIA | 09/05/96
Rajeswari Kanniah
Examined are Two Faces: Detention Without Trial; "Why the EIA of the Bakun Project is Invalid;" "Kenapa EIA Projek Hiro Elektrik Bakun Tidak Sah," Power Play: Why the Bakun Hydroelectric Project is Damned; "Baffling Decision: Judge Who Defamed the Judiciary Won't Be Prosecuted;" "Controversy Over Women's Rights: NGO Exposes Maltreatment of Migrants in Malaysian Detention Camps," and "First Steps Towards Preserving Rights." » Publications » Archive » Human Rights Dialogue (1994–2005) » Series 1, Number 6 (Fall 1996): The Human Rights Discourse in East Asia: Reports from the Region » Articles

What Asians Think About the West's Response to the Human Rights Debate | 03/04/96
Kevin Y. L. Tan
New-found national pride pits Asian countries against a "decadent West." Constant pressure to observe human rights obligations, often applied with threats of economic sanctions, is regarded by many as a slap in the Asian face, an attempt by the West to hold the East ransom. » Publications » Archive » Human Rights Dialogue (1994–2005) » Series 1, Number 4 (Spring 1996): Three Years After the Bangkok Declaration » Articles

International Human Rights and Asian Commitment | 12/04/95
Joanne Bauer
After the 1993 Bangkok Regional Preparatory Meeting, human rights were no longer dismissed as a tool of foreign oppression but were promoted as a means of asserting Asian distinctiveness from Western-dominated norms of social and political order. » Publications » Archive » Human Rights Dialogue (1994–2005) » Series 1, Number 3 (Winter 1995): International Human Rights and Asian Commitment » Articles

The Language of Human Rights in East Asia | 09/04/95
Erik Kuhonta
Human rights are widely advocated for their instrumental worth, but this strategy may change. Political and civil rights may eventually be championed for their own worth after a certain amount of material well-being has been achieved. » Publications » Archive » Human Rights Dialogue (1994–2005) » Series 1, Number 2 (Fall 1995): About the Human Rights Initiative » Articles

Rajeswari Kanniah |
Rajeswari Kanniah is head of Consumers International, Asia Pacific Office. » People

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