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Citizenship, Identity, and Conflict in South Asia's Borderlands | 11/20/14
Suchitra Vijayan, Liana Sterling
The intrepid Suchitra Vijayan is working on a 9,000-mile journey through South Asia, which has taken her to Afghanistan and Pakistan, the disputed territory of Kashmir, and India's borders with Burma and China. What has she learned so far about the effects of borders on human lives? » Studio » All Audio, Video, Transcripts

Asia's Cauldron: The South China Sea and the End of a Stable Pacific | 04/14/14
Robert D. Kaplan
No wonder the South China Sea is important to China, says Robert Kaplan. It's the Mediterranean of Asia, the center of international commerce, including energy shipments. Plus, if the Chinese control it and thus gain access to the Indian Ocean, China will have a two-ocean navy, transforming it in military terms from a regional power into a world power. » Studio » All Audio, Video, Transcripts

Ethics Matter: Top Risks and Ethical Decisions 2014 with Ian Bremmer | 01/22/14
Ian Bremmer
So what should we look out for in 2014? "The economic risks are receding. The geopolitical risks are becoming more important," says political risk guru Ian Bremmer. Don't miss this entertaining but fact-filled talk for insights on global affairs, from U.S. foreign policy, to the Middle East, Asia, Russia, Europe, and emerging markets. » Studio » All Audio, Video, Transcripts

Ethics Matter: A Conversation with Online Activist Ricken Patel | 11/22/13
Ricken Patel, James Traub
A brilliant student, Ricken Patel could have had a stellar career in any field he wished. Instead he chose to live among the poor in some of the world's most dangerous places, and ultimately founded Avaaz, a successful activist organization with more than 30 million members. Learn more about Patel and Avaaz in this remarkable interview. » Studio » All Audio, Video, Transcripts

WINNING PHOTOS: 2013 International Student Photo Contest | 11/04/13
Congratulations to the winners of the 2013 Carnegie Council International Student Photo Contest, on the theme of Living with Differences. » News » Press Releases

Book Review: Colored Cosmopolitanism: The Shared Struggle for Freedom in the United States and India | 07/25/13
Andreas Rekdal
"South Asians and African Americans learned from each other in ways that not only advanced their respective struggles for freedom but helped define what freedom could and should mean," argues historian Nico Slate in his debut book. » Publications » Articles, Papers, and Reports

Sir Adam Roberts on "Democracy, Sovereignty and Terror" | 06/25/13
Adam Roberts
Roberts discusses his book on Sri Lankan statesman Lakshman Kadirgamar, who fought against the terrorism of the Tamil Tigers and was assassinated by them in 2005. Roberts also answers questions about the legacy of colonialism and about his work and thoughts on civil resistance and nonviolence. » Studio » All Audio, Video, Transcripts

Asian Universities Offer Programs for Female Leaders | 05/27/13
Rajeev Gowda of the Center for Public Policy at the Indian Institute and also a Carnegie Council Global Ethics Fellow, was quoted a "New York Times" article about the Institute's Women in Leadership program for aspiring politicians. » News » Media Mentions

Seven Seats Now, Potential of 28 in 2014: Rajeev Gowda | 05/10/13
In this interview soon after the assembly elections in Karnakata, India, Global Ethics Fellow Rajeev Gowda discusses the challenges facing the next state government. » News » Media Mentions

India's Congress Party Sweeps to Victory in Karnataka State Elections | 05/09/13
Global Ethics Fellow Rajeev Gowda, a spokesman for the Congress in Karnataka, was quoted in "The National" as saying that the win represented "a verdict against the extraordinary corruption of the BJP." » News » Media Mentions

Breakout Nations: In Pursuit of the Next Economic Miracles | 04/15/13
Ruchir Sharma
Which countries will be the next big thing? Most follow a four-point cycle, says Sharma: "You have economic crisis. They carry out economic reforms. After they carry out economic reforms, some sort of boom takes place. Then complacency sets in, and then you get back to having a crisis." So beware! Economic development is extremely hard to sustain. » Studio » All Audio, Video, Transcripts

Corruption during the BJP regime was extraordinary: Rajeev Gowda | 04/15/13
Global Ethics Fellow Rajeev Gowda, answered questions from the IBN audience about the April 2013 assembly elections in Karnataka, India. » News » Media Mentions

Ethics on Film: Discussion of "In My Lifetime" | 03/10/13
Alex Woodson
This deeply moving documentary tells the history of atomic weapons and the anti-nuclear movement. From Hirohsima and Nagasaki to nuclear tests in Nevada to the START Treaty and other international agreements, this film gives a comprehensive account of these weapons, "the very end point of logic." » Publications » Ethics on Film

Thought Leader: Alan S. Blinder | 02/28/13
Alan S. Blinder, Devin T. Stewart, Anna Kiefer
"We still view ourselves as the land of opportunity, which, in a sense we are. But the opportunities are not trickling down to the bottom the way they used to." » Studio » Thought Leaders Forum

Winners of the 2012 International Student/Teacher Essay Contest, "Ethics for a Connected World" | 02/22/13
Carnegie Council announces the results of its annual International Student/Teacher Essay Contest. Winners are from Finland, India, Japan, Nigeria, the Philippines, Sweden, and the USA, with honorable mentions for essays from Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, and the USA. » News » Press Releases

"Consumerism" by Anjana Aravind | 02/21/13
"I live in a small town in India. People have a notion that consumerism is a "first-world" problem but it is not. Wherever you come from, people measure wealth by how big your cars are and how many things you own. The richer you are, the more waste you generate. But in countries like mine, recycling is a term that is rarely used because there is no infrastructure for that." » Publications » Articles, Papers, and Reports

"Human Trafficking" by Sandhya Bhat and Catherine Pushpam Joseph | 02/21/13
"There is no doubt we live in a world that specializes in creating broken people every day. We've reached a point where eradicating human trafficking is no longer restricted to few willing individuals and organizations. Anyone, in any manner, can help in minimizing this condemnable condition. It just comes down to whether we are willing to take that first step." » Publications » Articles, Papers, and Reports

Public Affairs: China's Search for Security | 02/19/13
Andrew J. Nathan
In this masterly and comprehensive talk, Andrew Nathan looks at the world from Beijing's viewpoint and sees a very challenging environment for China. He identifies four rings of security concerns: inside China's territory; its 24 surrounding countries; six regional systems; and the rest of the world. » Studio » All Audio, Video, Transcripts

The Great Convergence: Asia, the West, and the Logic of One World | 02/12/13
Kishore Mahbubani
As more people become prosperous and interstate conflicts diminish, there is a convergence between East and West, says Kishore Mahbubani. Now we have to change our mindset accordingly and act as one united world on issues such as climate change. One important step is to reform the UN. » Studio » All Audio, Video, Transcripts

New Year . . . More Challenges | 02/06/13
Jeffrey D. McCausland
Col. Jeff McCausland gives us an expert rundown on U.S. and global security issues, including the nomination hearings of Chuck Hagel for secretary of defense; the consequences of proposed U.S. defense budget cuts; Afghanistan; the Israeli elections; Syria; French military actions in Africa; and more.

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