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The Unprecedented Jihadi Threat in Europe | 01/25/16
Jean-Pierre Filiu
"At this very moment, ISIS is recruiting probably 100 people a week from all over the world, including this very country. So it is not a European problem, it is not an Arab issue; it is a global threat and global challenge. That is why I insist on the fact that the threat has to be dealt with at the source, which is basically Syria." » Multimedia » All Audio, Video, Transcripts

Technology for Development: Why Training Trumps Technology | 08/13/12
Laura Hosman
An innovative project is bringing a "Solar-Computer-Lab-in-a-Box," along with solar-powered Internet, to a tiny, off-the-grid Pacific island. But while the technology is exciting, it's not enough. For projects of this kind to be sustainable, training, skill-building, and partnering are equally important. » Publications » Carnegie Ethics Online

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