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A Conversation with Ashoka Founder Bill Drayton on Social Entrepreneurship | 06/26/15 Bill Drayton, Julia Taylor Kennedy For millennia, the world was organized around efficiency and repetition, says Bill Drayton, but now this system is  being replaced by a world organized around the opposite principle: change. That has profound implications for every aspect of our lives, including ethics. This is the first generation when everyone must master cognitive empathy-based living.

Ethical Leadership: A Conversation with Chuck Hagel | 06/26/15 Chuck Hagel, David C. Speedie The one constant in Chuck Hagel's varied and pressure-filled career has been ethical leadership. How have his experiences--in war, the boardroom, Congress, and as secretary of defense--shaped his leadership style?

Agenda for the Future: Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights | 06/22/15 Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein "Our planet is indivisible. There is no longer such a thing as a small, faraway country. No such thing as an acceptable level of discrimination, against any group." Don't miss this moving speech by UN High Commissioner Al Hussein, which covers all aspects of the universal principles of human rights, including the current refugee crisis.

Europe's Muslims: Challenges and Misconceptions | 06/17/15 Jocelyne Cesari, Juan Cole, David C. Speedie Months after the "Charlie Hebdo" attacks, questions remain about Europe's Muslims. How strong is the lure of al-Qaeda and ISIS for youth in France or the UK? Why do so many, including those born and raised in affluent European states, feel disconnected from society? For a nuanced analysis of these misunderstood communities, watch this video.

A Conversation with Ethan Zuckerman on the Ethics of the Internet | 06/15/15 Ethan Zuckerman, Randall Pinkston "We have the capacity to get stories from every part of the globe. The question is, what do we want to pay attention to? The crazy thing that has happened over 20 years of the consumer Internet is that we have told the market that we care about people who look like us, act like us, feel like us, and we don't much care about anybody else."

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