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Carnegie Council Video Podcast

Welcome to the Carnegie Council Video Podcast.

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Time to Wake Up | 06/30/16 Sheldon Whitehouse, Ted Widmer "The story of our failure on climate change is a story of our failure to understand the truly manipulative and evil effects of money in politics," declares Senator Whitehouse. "It's being deployed right now. You undo Citizens United and we will have a bill in a month."

Clip of the Month: The Politics of Climate Change with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse | 06/27/16 Sheldon Whitehouse, Ted Widmer Each week, Sheldon Whitehouse, the two-term senator from Rhode Island, rises on the Senate floor to alert his colleagues to emergency of climate change and the dangers of doing nothing. With over 135 speeches on the subject already, Sen. Whitehouse has said that as long as the atmosphere continues to warm, ice continues to melt, seas rise and acidify, he promises to talk about climate change. In this clip, Sen. Whitehouse discusses with Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Ted Widmer some of the specific problems that he faces on his quest as he navigates through the worlds of big business, lobbying, and politics.

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