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Carnegie Council Video Podcast

Welcome to the Carnegie Council Video Podcast.

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Free Speech: Ten Principles for a Connected World | 10/21/16 Timothy Garton Ash In today's connected world--a "cosmopolis" dominated by the "four superpowers" Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon--what we need is to have more but also better free speech, declares Garton Ash. The West, particularly the U.S., should strive to promote global free speech, and we must foster a "robust civility" despite our differences.

How to Achieve Military Victory and Maintain National and Personal Ethics | 10/20/16 Michael Walzer, Moshe Yaalon Moshe Yaalon: "Military excellence has handed us an advantage on the battlefield, but this edge can only be maintained if we preserve our ethical superiority. And as the war on terror develops and intensifies, so must our determination to deliver an unequivocal moral response to the challenges it brings."

Clip of the Month: The Significance of the 2016 Election with Akhil Reed Amar | 10/19/16 Akhil Reed Amar Yale Law professor Akhil Reed Amar explains why the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election is so important—and it's not just because we have one very unusual candidate. It's because, he says, for the first time since 1864, "all four of the major branches of federal power are up for grabs. We are on a knife's edge."

Major Security Challenges for the Next President | 10/13/16 Jeffrey D. McCausland, David C. Speedie Afghanistan, terrorism, U.S.-Russia relations: Col. McCausland gives an expert analysis of all these security challenges and more. Yet he concludes on a hopeful note: "We need to remember that we are a great country. There are a lot of reasons to be optimistic. We endured in the past and by golly, we're going to endure in the future."

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