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Carnegie Council Video Podcast

Welcome to the Carnegie Council Video Podcast.

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Artificial Intelligence: What Everyone Needs to Know | 12/08/16 Jerry Kaplan We're asking the wrong questions about artificial intelligence, says AI expert Jerry Kaplan. Machines are not going to take over the world. They don't have emotions or creativity. They are just able to process large amounts of data and draw logical conclusions. These new technologies will bring tremendous advances--along with new ethical and practical issues.

Perceptions of Muslims and Islam in the U.S. in Light of Trump's Victory | 11/30/16 Juan Cole, Shibley Telhami What will Trump's victory mean for American Muslims? How have attitudes towards them changed over the years? (The answer may surprise you.) How does this moment compare to the "Red Scare" of WWI and after? And how can U.S. Muslims counter any hate that may arise? Don't miss this enlightening discussion.

Clip of the Month: American Muslims and the Trump Administration with Juan Cole | 11/22/16 Juan Cole The election of Donald Trump was a shock to the American political system and, in its wake, many are deeply concerned about what his ascendancy will mean for the civil rights of minority groups. History Professor Juan Cole, an expert on the relationship between the Muslim world and the West, details how talk of a "Muslim ban" on the campaign trail could be turned into policy in the White House, ushering in a new era of Jim Crow-style laws in the United States.

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