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Ukraine: A Federalist Future? | 04/23/14 Rene Wadlow One possibility of lowering tensions in Ukraine on a longer-term basis is the start of discussions on a federal-decentralized government structure that would not divide the country but would foster local and regional autonomy. However, although federalism is not a first step to Ukraine's disintegration, neither is it a "magic solution."

Report from Ukraine: The Crisis Moves East | 04/23/14 Nicolai N. Petro, David C. Speedie David Speedie discusses with Dr. Nicolai Petro, currently a Fulbright Fellow in Odessa, the recent outbreaks of violence in pro-Russia majority regions of Eastern Ukraine, the prospects for scheduled May elections, and the impact of the continuing crisis on U.S.-Russian relations.

Taiwan's Student Sunflower Movement: Interview with Two of its Leaders | 04/23/14 Huang Yu-fen, Wei Yang, Madeleine Lynn In an unprecedented event this Spring, the Sunflower Student Movement occupied Taiwan's Legislative Yuan for over three weeks. The students finally withdrew after the government promised to postpone ratifying the trade agreement with China which originally sparked the protest. Two of its leaders discuss the Movement and Taiwan's future.

EARTH DAY 2014 | 04/21/14
To mark Earth Day on April 22, Carnegie Council presents a selection of our resources from the past year. They include materials on coping with climate change, the war to save wildlife, fracking, and the scramble for food and water. And we urge everyone to read the sobering UN Report, "Climate Change 2014."

International Human Rights | 04/21/14 Deen Chatterjee This course examines the nature, practice, and limits of human rights in today's global world.

The Evolution of a Corporate Idealist: When Girl Meets Oil | 04/17/14 Christine Bader, Masha S. Feiguinova How can corporations work to prevent human rights violations on their watch, as well as disasters like the BP Deepwater Horizon explosion? Christine Bader discusses her time at BP, where she was part of the invisible army of people inside corporations who are pushing for safer and more responsible practices.

Jingo Unchained: What World War I Wrought | 04/17/14 Zach Dorfman When we think about the centenary of World War I in 2014, we should consider first and foremost what it has meant for the life of our republic, and how the corrosive actions of a few can have enormously outsized consequences for the rest of us. One hundred years later, we are still fighting for or against Woodrow Wilson's war.

Dance of the Furies: Michael Neiberg on Europe and the Outbreak of World War I | 04/16/14 Michael Neiberg, Mladen Joksic "It is impossible for me to see how a Second World War, a Holocaust, a Cold War, a globally-engaged United States, and decolonization could happen without the First World War. In fact, in my view we can gain a lot of clarity by seeing the two world wars as one war, almost as a second Thirty Years War."

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