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Big Data, Virginia Woolf, and the Right to be Forgotten | 09/05/14 Michael Fertik, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, Joshua D. Rothman, Mark Stephens, Julia Taylor Kennedy As a society, we're still developing vocabulary to talk about data technology and the moral questions it raises. In this first of a series of podcasts on data and privacy, we’ll explore how big data is used and the underlying moral questions that impact how our global economy--and society--develops in this world of increasingly data-driven commerce.

Student Contests and Network Opportunities | 09/04/14
To mark its 100th anniversary, Carnegie Council has launched a series of projects aimed at connecting students and professors around the world in a dialogue on global ethics. Get involved! Here's how.

Mary Dudziak on Civil Liberties During WWI and Beyond | 09/04/14 Zach Dorfman, Mary Dudziak "Just as the nation is perpetually focused on security, we must also be perpetually focused on maintaining constitutional liberty."

World War to a Global Ethic | 09/03/14 Joel H. Rosenthal "We come here—100 years to the day from the calamitous events of the summer of 1914—to remember, to take stock, and to recommit to the ideals passed on to us by Andrew Carnegie and others. The Carnegie ideal was simple but audacious: it is indeed realistic and possible to use reason and experience to improve the ways in which we live."

Was World War I Inevitable? | 09/03/14 Margaret MacMillan We're still trying to understand what World War I meant. It is a very complex event, one that has echoes into the present, and we've all been thinking recently about parallels between that world and our own world. One of the very important things is not to start by assuming that it was inevitable.

Religion in War and Reconciliation | 09/03/14 George Rupp "There is a long way to go before religious communities become more of a resource for reducing rather than a source for increasing antagonism. But to move in that direction clearly requires greater understanding at the local level."

Ethics and War | 09/03/14 David Rodin "In this talk I want to consider how the ways in which we assess the morality of war are changing. My concern is not to judge the morality or otherwise of any particular war, but rather to say something about the enterprise of thinking morally about war, an exercise bound tightly to our deepest political and moral identity."

Legal and Moral International Norms Since 1914 | 09/03/14 Adam Roberts "What lessons has humankind learned from the events of 1914 in Sarajevo? And are there further lessons that we should have learned, but didn't? Have our legal and moral norms changed (hopefully for the better) in the years since?"

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