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Point B Podcast

In this podcast, we ask thought leaders about the state of the world today and how we get to a better future. These interviews are part of Thought Leaders Forum, a Carnegie Council Centennial project.

Current Feed:

Thought Leader: Chan Heng Chee | 11/19/13 Chan Heng Chee, Anna Kiefer "I would like to see a global ethic emerging and accepted by all the communities in the world on women. We have declared long ago that women are equal. We recognize the equality of women. But not many countries really practice that."

Thought Leader: Lawrence Freedman | 10/11/13 Lawrence Freedman, Anna Kiefer "There are values that those of us from Western liberal societies hold dear and believe should be universal. But they're not. And that produces the challenges. If they were, then things would be a lot easier."

Thought Leader: Joseph Nye | 08/21/13 Joseph S. Nye, Jr., Anna Kiefer "It's worth remembering that in the Cold War, the Berlin Wall fell, not under a barrage of artillery, but under hammers and bulldozers wielded by those whose minds had been changed by the ideas that constitute soft power."

Thought Leader: Brent Scowcroft | 08/07/13 Brent Scowcroft, Anna Kiefer "More and more of the things that countries, nations, governments want to do for their citizens can't be done nationally. They have to reach out to others. So I think we're in a process of the uneasy interaction of these two. That gives me some hope for the future."

Thought Leader: David Cannadine | 07/31/13 David Cannadine, Anna Kiefer "So I suppose, looking forward, what I would hope to see is a greater awareness of the richness of individual identities and less attention given to single, simple, distorted, misleading collective identities."

Thought Leader: Louise Arbour | 07/24/13 Louise Arbour, Anna Kiefer "I think what is morally distinct is our consciousness of the disconnect between our values, our aspirations, our capabilities, and our deliverables. We are still conscious of how much we are falling short of our aspirations."

Thought Leader: Mary Robinson | 07/17/13 Mary Robinson, Anna Kiefer "What strikes me about the world today is that it's a world of 7 billion people who are more connected than ever before, and yet the divides are huge. We see growing inequality both within countries and between countries. I'm not sure that we can continue like this and be socially cohesive."

Thought Leader: Bineta Diop | 07/10/13 Bineta Diop, Anna Kiefer "For me the first priority is education as part of the opening of people's minds and changing the mindsets. It is giving people access to knowledge. It has to go everywhere."

Thought Leader: Jonathan Sacks | 07/03/13 Jonathan Sacks, Devin T. Stewart "Every single human being, regardless of color, class, or creed, is of infinite worth. That's how I judge everything."

Thought Leader: Nancy Birdsall | 06/26/13 Nancy Birdsall, Anna Kiefer "Most people, once they become more and more aware, they are in a better position to demand better policies in their own country and they are more likely to get engaged in other ways as well."

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