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Global Ethics Corner Podcast

Global Ethics Corner

These weekly 2-minute podcasts examine the ethical dimensions of current issues and events. They present all sides of a topic, asking viewers to weigh the information and make up their own minds.

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Global Ethics Corner: Who Should Control Egypt's Water? | 06/24/13
As Ethiopia continues construction on the Grand Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile, Egyptian officials are worried about their water supply. Does Ethiopia have the right to affect another state's water? Should Egypt use military options if its supply is diminished?

Global Ethics Corner: Weighing Privacy Against National Security | 06/17/13
The recent revelations that the NSA is collecting cell phone and Internet data from millions of Americans has left many asking questions. Is this action necessary for America's national security? Should concerns about consumers' rights to privacy be considered?

Global Ethics Corner: Are Secret Recordings Ethical? | 06/10/13
Secret recordings have been a headache for some high-profile politicians. Many question the morality of the practice, especially when the media gets involved. Do public officials have a right to privacy? Is the value of these recordings too important to ignore?

Global Ethics Corner: The Private Sector and Cyber Security | 06/03/13
With U.S. companies losing billions of dollars to intellectual property theft, mostly to China, some are suggesting that corporations fight back. Can the government do more? Is "threat based deterrence" from the private sector the answer?

Global Ethics Corner: Why Does the EU Care About Olive Oil? | 05/28/13
A proposed EU ban on the use of dipping bowls and refillable glass bottles of olive oil in restaurants has people asking questions. Is this more useless meddling from the EU bureaucracy? Could the ban help struggling olive oil-producing states? Is there more to this story?

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