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Policy Innovations

Online Magazine

Policy Innovations

Published by Carnegie Council since 2006, Policy Innovations is an online magazine devoted to news and analysis examining local solutions to global challenges facing today’s interconnected world.

We invite commentary focusing on cities, education, environment, food, health, gender, and technology.  Our goal is to grow a worldwide equality of voice by challenging conventional wisdom and common assumptions. 

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"There is so much policy-relevant information out there, and so little time to wade through it all. Where can we look for the most innovative approaches? Policy Innovations crystallizes some of the best insights and enables us to see and to act in new ways."
Andrew Kuper, LeapFrog Investments

"Policy Innovations features some of the most cutting-edge ideas on shaping globalization in an accessible, hip, and technologically savvy format."
Steve Clemons, New America Foundation

"I find Policy Innovations to be an invaluable resource. The site is essential for staying informed on the most provocative thinking related to giving globalization a human face. The depth and flexibility of the site makes it a powerful strategic planning tool."
Steve Rochlin, Head of AccountAbility

"Policy Innovations has the right tone—critical but not shrill."
David Callahan, Demos

Read More: Democracy, Development, Education, Energy, Environment, Health, Poverty, Trade, Ethics, Globalization, Human Rights

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