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Resource Picks

Carnegie Council - Resource Picks

Resource Picks are selections of Carnegie Council resources on specific topics.

Carnegie Council provides an open forum for discussion. Views expressed are not necessarily those of Carnegie Council.


International Women's Day, March 8, 2017: Focus on Japan | 03/07/2017
Did you know that Japan ranked 111 out of 144 countries in the 2016 Gender Gap Index? Though progress has been made, clearly women still have a very long way to go. Find out more, with this collection of articles and podcasts resulting from Carnegie Council's Asia Dialogues Program.

Top 10 Carnegie Council Resources, 2016 | 12/19/2016
In a year that will be remembered as era-defining, Carnegie Council's most popular 2016 podcasts and web resources focused on Asia, Russia, human rights, technology, and the fight against terrorism. Check out this varied list, which gives you an idea of the scope of the Council's work.

Honoring Those who Served:
Veterans Day 2016
| 11/10/2016
For this Veterans Day, we present a collection of resources recognizing the tireless and often thankless work of the U.S. military. There are legitimate arguments about ethics and policies when it comes to war, but nobody can deny the commitment and patriotism of the men and women who serve and the debt that is owed to them when their service is over.

Strangers in Strange Lands: Migration | 08/08/2016
In 2015, the number of international migrants worldwide—people residing in a country other than their country of birth—reached a record-breaking 244 million. And 65.3 million of these migrants were refugees, the largest number since World War II. We present a collection of useful resources on the ethical and practical challenges of migration.

Top 10 Podcasts for the 2015-16 Carnegie Council Program Year | 07/12/2016
Topics for the top 10 podcasts span the globe, and include Chinese immigrants in New York, India's Constitution, U.S-Russian relations, the future of technology, the teachings of Buddha, and the intricacies of global tax avoidance. Quite a varied collection!

Fighting for our Planet, the Only Home We Have: Earth Day, April 22, 2016 | 04/20/2016
Will the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement be effective? Is it human nature to simply not be able to tackle the problem of climate change? How can we come together to fight for our planet? This collection of resources explores all these questions and more.

Top 10 Carnegie Council Resources for 2015 | 12/15/2015
Russia, human rights, energy, business ethics—these were among the most popular topics our varied audiences accessed this year. Check out the most popular podcasts and web resources from 2015.

HUMAN RIGHTS DAY 2015 | 12/09/2015
2015 may well be remembered as the Year of the Refugee, so naturally, much of our 2015 Human Rights Day collection concerns this ongoing crisis. These resources also include an examination of the human rights "project," a framework for assessing international human rights law, resources on women's rights, and a report on a cultural rights conference.

COP21: Six Things You Need to Know About Climate Change | 12/07/2015
It is no exaggeration to say that the outcomes of the Paris climate conference will determine the future of our planet. As world leaders gather for COP21 this December and try to agree on a global legally binding climate treaty, we offer you six great posts that will help you understand the implications of climate change.

Eight Greats for World Food Day, 2015 | 10/15/2015
For World Food Day we start this series of eight great posts with a classic talk from Lester Brown on the threat of increasing scarcity as world population grows. We continue with articles and interviews from "Policy Innovations" that cover innovative solutions for what we put on our plates, and the flip side of hunger: the obesity epidemic.

INTERNATIONAL PEACE DAY, 2015 | 09/18/2015
"We need to be aroused to our duty and banish war." Andrew Carnegie, 1914, on the founding of the Church Peace Union (now Carnegie Council). Continuing Carnegie's mission, the Council presents a selection of resources on the struggle for peace.

Seventy Years after Hiroshima: Nuclear Weapons, 2015 | 08/05/2015
Seventy years after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, nuclear weapons remain one of the greatest dangers we face. What is the situation today, given that the world has an estimated 15,700 nuclear weapons? Carnegie Council presents a selection of resources on this crucial topic.

Top 10 Resources for the 2014-15 Carnegie Council Program Year | 07/22/2015
We hope you enjoy this list of audience favorites from our previous program year (July 2014–June 2015). The impressive array of vital ethical issues covered here gives you an idea of the scope of Carnegie Council's work. Topics include Russia's foreign policy, U.S. challenges both at home and abroad, digital piracy, online activism, and much more.

EARTH DAY 2015 | 04/21/2015
How can we find sustainable ways to feed the world's exploding population? How can we tackle climate change?  How can we confront the moral dilemmas it presents? To mark Earth Day 2015, this selection of Carnegie Council resources from the past year offers both innovative solutions and searching, ethical debates.

Top 20 Council Resources for 2014 | 12/18/2014
Corporations, human rights, warfare, Edward Snowden—these were among the most popular topics our varied audiences accessed this year. Check out the most popular podcasts, web resources, journal articles, and TV programs from 2014.

HUMAN RIGHTS DAY 2014 | 12/09/2014
To mark Human Rights Day 2014, we present a selection of Carnegie Council resources from the past year. They include discussions of children's rights and the power of online activism, and a special Centennial Roundtable from our journal, "Ethics & International Affairs," on the future of human rights. This Roundtable is free online for a limited time.

EARTH DAY 2014 | 04/21/2014
To mark Earth Day on April 22, Carnegie Council presents a selection of our resources from the past year. They include materials on coping with climate change, the war to save wildlife, fracking, and the scramble for food and water. And we urge everyone to read the sobering UN Report, "Climate Change 2014."

Lest We Forget: The 20th Anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide | 04/04/2014
As we remember this tragedy when so many innocent Rwandans died, we must examine why genocide occurs, and learn how to prevent such atrocities from happening again. Are we ignoring ongoing genocides today? Are the victims and their families receiving justice? These resources provide a guide not only to the past, but to the present and future.

MODERN WARFARE: Resources from Carnegie Council | 03/20/2014
The battlefield has changed dramatically in the 100 years since Carnegie Council was founded, but the organization continues to promote moral leadership and dialogue concerning conflict and war. Here are some of our best materials on the ethics of modern warfare and what new technology and structural changes mean for peace and stability.

In honor of International Women's Day on March 8, we present a selection of Carnegie Council's resources from the past year. It features interviews with extraordinary, inspiring women from around the world, materials on overcoming violence against women, and thoughts on women and world peace.

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