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Is Humanitarian Intervention Legal? The Rule of Law in an Incoherent World [Abstract] 09/20/11
The legality of humanitarian intervention is essentially indeterminate. No amount of debate over the law or recent cases will resolve its status; it is both legal and illegal at the same time.
Author(s): Ian Hurd

Smart Sanctions Revisited [Abstract] 09/20/11
There are considerable difficulties with targeted sanctions. Some of these difficulties may be resolved as these measures continue to be refined. Others are rooted in fundamental conflicts between competing interests or intractable logistical challenges.
Author(s): Joy Gordon

The Implications of Drones on the Just War Tradition [Abstract] 09/20/11
The aim of this article is to explore how the brief history of drone warfare thus far affects and potentially alters the parameters of ad bellum and in bello just war principles.
Author(s): Daniel Brunstetter, Megan Braun

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