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Book Reviews [Full Text]

"Practical Judgement in International Political Theory: Selected Essays" by Chris Brown [Full Text] 06/30/11
This collection of Professor Brown's previously published essays represents his contributions to international political theory, with particular reference to the nature of international relations, international relations discourse, and the exercise of judgment in foreign policy.

"Why Some Things Should Not Be for Sale: The Moral Limits of Markets" by Debra Satz [Full Text] 06/30/11
Satz's fundamental argument is a normative one--namely, that markets should serve to promote a "society of equals." By transforming the market into a site for managing social relations, she provides a fresh approach to economic and political philosophy.

"Liberal Loyalty: Freedom, Obligation, and the State" by Anna Stilz [Full Text] 06/30/11
In this highly engaging book, Stilz seeks to offer a liberal solution to the problem of political obligations. To do so, she reconstructs the "duty to justice" argument first developed by Kant and later defended by Rawls.

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