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Middle-Ground Ethics: Can One Be Politically Realistic Without Being a Political Realist? [Full Text] 04/06/11
Thinking about international affairs has oscillated between idealism and realism throughout the modern period. Moralists continue to search for a way to combine what is reasonable in each in an ethically defensible middle between those extremes.
Author(s): Terry Nardin

Face Reality? After You!--A Call for Leadership on Climate Change [Abstract] 04/06/11
Humanity's so far leaderless approach to dealing with rapidly accelerating climate change embodies a profoundly tragic catch-22 that has, among other twists and contradictions, transmuted justice into paralysis.
Author(s): Henry Shue

Clean Trade in Natural Resources [Abstract] 04/06/11
The resource curse impedes core interests of importing states, while the policies of these states drive the resource curse. These policies violate importing states' existing international commitments.
Author(s): Leif Wenar

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