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Book Reviews

"The Gender of Reparations: Unsettling Sexual Hierarchies While Redressing Human Rights Violations" Edited by Ruth Rubio-Marin [Full Text] 06/14/10
This edited collection provides a gender-sensitive analysis of reparations programs in transitional and postconflict societies, examining the gendered nature of violence during armed conflict and political repression, and reparations as an approach to promoting postconflict justice.

"A Cosmopolitanism of Nations: Giuseppe Mazzini's Writings on Democracy, Nation Building, and International Relations" Edited by Stefano Recchia and Nadia Urbinati [Full Text] 06/14/10
Editors Stefano Recchia and Nadia Urbinati assemble a new collection of original texts by Giuseppe Mazzini, a 19th century Italian activist-philosopher who, despite being almost forgotten today, was a prominent and prescient voice for republicanism and liberal nationalism.

"Preemption: Military Action and Moral Justification" Edited by Henry Shue and David Rodin [Full Text] 06/14/10
Surveying a variety of perspectives on the uses and limits of preemption, this edited volume coalesces around three key themes: differences in just war terminology between disciplines; historical perspectives on changes in key concepts; and the evolution of preventive war thinking in the U.S.

Renegotiation of the Just War Tradition and the Right to War in the Twenty-First Century" by Cian O'Driscoll [Full Text] 06/14/10
What were the primary justifications for the Iraq War, and how do they relate to classical and contemporary just war thought? Identifying three such justifications—anticipatory, punitive, and humanitarian—Cian O'Driscoll clarifies the debate within the just war community about the invasion.

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