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Symposium on Global Democracy

Introduction [Full Text] 03/11/10
If global democratization is to advance beyond the current point, it is necessary to confront the practical challenge of institutional design: How might ideals of global democracy be put effectively into practice given the many constraints imposed by the existing global political order?
Author(s): Terry Macdonald, Raffaele Marchetti

Democracy in a Pluralist Global Order: Corporate Power and Stakeholder Representation [Abstract] 03/11/10
Global democratization cannot be achieved by simply replicating familiar democratic institutions on a global scale. We must explore alternative institutional means for establishing democratic institutions at the global level within the present pluralist structure of global power.
Author(s): Kate Macdonald, Terry Macdonald

Public Accountability and the Public Sphere of International Governance [Abstract] 03/11/10
Steffek advocates a return to a conception of public accountability as accountability to the wider public. He investigates the prospects for this beyond the state, which depends on the emergence of a transnational public sphere, consisting of media and organized civil society.
Author(s): Jens Steffek

Deliberation and Global Criminal Justice: Juries in the International Criminal Court [Abstract] 03/11/10
Juries could bolster the ICC's legitimacy by promoting public trust, increasing procedural fairness, foregrounding deliberative reasoning, and embodying democratic values. ICC juries would present novel logistical, philosophical, and legal problems, but these could be overcome.
Author(s): Eugene P. Deess, John Gastil, Colin J. Lingle

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