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Symposium: Walzer and the Moral Standing of States

Introduction [Full Text] 12/15/09
This symposium is comprised of three key articles from a 2008 conference to honor Michael Walzer. Each article discusses one of the most fundamental aspects of Walzer's philosophy: the moral significance of statehood.
Author(s): Yitzhak Benbaji

The Moral Standing of States Revisited [Abstract] 12/15/09
"The Moral Standing of States" is the title of an essay Michael Walzer wrote in response to four critics of the theory of nonintervention defended in "Just and Unjust Wars." It states a theme to which he has returned in subsequent work. Beitz offers four sets of comments.
Author(s): Charles R. Beitz

A Few Words on Mill, Walzer, and Nonintervention [Abstract] 12/15/09
Comparing Mill's "Non-Intervention" and Walzer's "Just and Unjust Wars" (1977) links two classic statements on just wars of intervention. Doyle concludes that interventionist arguments should go beyond the three paradigmatic cases Walzer explores in "Just and Unjust Wars."
Author(s): Michael W. Doyle

Categorizing Groups, Categorizing States: Theorizing Minority Rights in a World of Deep Diversity [Abstract] 12/15/09
Kymlicka believes that it is Walzer's idiosyncratic approach to categorization—more than his controversial theory of justice-as-common-meanings—which explains his relatively marginal role in the multiculturalism debate.
Author(s): Will Kymlicka

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