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Book Reviews

Bounding Power: Republican Security Theory from the Polis to the Global Village [Full Text] 10/08/08
An important insight, with consequences for foreign policy and the practice of world politics, is that in the "global village" changing technology invites and even compels the notion of political organization and "union" at the global level.

The Politics of Anti-Westernism in Asia: Visions of World Order in Pan-Islamic and Pan-Asian Thought [Full Text] 10/08/08
Aydin challenges popular assumptions that non-Western ideological movements are always hostile to Western values, on the one hand, and that such movements emerge as a function of either anticolonial struggles or conservative and religious reactions to global modernity, on the other.

Defining Environmental Justice: Theories, Movements, and Nature [Full Text] 10/08/08
This volume is political theory at its best, providing an invaluable review of the contemporary literature, subverting traditional political categories and distinctions, and suggesting new directions for politics and policy.

Taking on the World's Repressive Regimes: The Ford Foundation's International Human Rights Policies and Practices [Full Text] 10/08/08
William Korey has done a great service for both those who champion and follow the realization of human rights internationally and those who wish to understand the potential and limitations of foundation strategies to bring about real change.

Realism Reconsidered: The Legacy of Hans J. Morgenthau in International Relations [Full Text] 10/08/08
This timely book takes a critical look at the history of scholarship on Morgenthau's formulation of political realism, with an eye toward synthesizing his theories with contemporary topics and theoretical debates.

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