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Special Report (supported by a grant from the Alfred and Jane Ross Foundation)

Missile Defense Malfunction: Why the Proposed U.S. Missile Defenses in Europe Will Not Work [Full Text] 04/23/08
The U.S. proposal to establish missile defense sites in Poland and the Czech Republic has exacerbated relations with Russia to a degree not seen since the Cold War, despite the fact that the system has no demonstrated capability to defend the U.S., let alone Europe.
Author(s): Philip Coyle, Victoria Samson

Lt. Gen. Obering: "Coyle and Samson systematically misrepresent or ignore key facts to bolster their arguments against deploying defenses in Europe to protect our allies and forces in that region against an emerging intermediate and long-range Iranian ballistic missile threat."
Author(s): Lt. Gen. Henry A. Obering III

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: On U.S. Plans to Deploy ABM Systems in Europe and Possible Compromise Solutions 06/19/08
Petr Romashkin and Pavel Zolotarev argue that the current state of Russian-U.S. relations in the area of missile defense cannot be evaluated without taking a retrospective look at the problem.
Author(s): Petr B. Romashkin, Pavel S. Zolotarev

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