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Book Reviews

"The Clash Within: Religion, Violence, and India's Future" [Full Text] 04/23/08
Nussbaum argues that her contribution is as that of a loudspeaker, since she feels that Indian developments are wrongly ignored in the United States and Europe.

"Inventing Human Rights: A History" [Full Text] 04/23/08
Lynn Hunt's "Inventing Human Rights" develops an intriguing meditation on the relationships among art, morality, and political change. Hunt also raises questions of profound importance to the contemporary human rights movement.

"Planet of Slums" [Full Text] 04/23/08
The core of Mike Davis's book "Planet of Slums" is that the contemporary Third World urban poor are doubly cursed in ways that echo the two major upheavals of the nineteenth century: industrialization and imperialism.

"Development as a Human Right: Legal, Political, and Economic Dimensions" [Full Text] 04/23/08
This book sets out to address the concepts of the right to development as well as the human rights-based approach to development. It includes contributions of economists, legal scholars, and philosophers presented at the 2003 Nobel Symposium on the Right to Development and Human Rights in Development.

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