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Book Reviews

"Does Foreign Aid Really Work?" (Roger C. Riddell) & "Foreign Aid: Diplomacy, Development, Domestic Politics" (Carol Lancaster) [Full Text] 12/06/07
These two recent works by Roger C. Riddell and Carol Lancaster display a sober understanding of aid challenges, present a balanced view of the context within which aid operations take place, and provide valuable insights about the workings of aid organizations.

"Promoting the Rule of Law Abroad: In Search of Knowledge" [Full Text] 12/06/07
This book is an attempt to collect some of the little known about Rule-of-law (ROL) reform, and it does this creditably. Although the book's contributors are rather pessimistic about the theory and practice of ROL reform, they do point to ways to improve its prospects.

"All Politics Is Global: Explaining International Regulatory Regimes" [Full Text] 12/06/07
At a time when many international relations scholars are qualifying their premature predictions of the withering of the state, Daniel Drezner's new book makes a compelling case for the continued centrality of the state in the process of globalization.

"The Globalizers: The IMF, the World Bank, and Their Borrowers" [Full Text] 12/06/07
Woods is an insightful and thoughtful authority on the Bretton Woods institutions. In this book she examines their activities and focuses on their engagements with Mexico, Russia, and the sub-Saharan African nations.

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