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Reading Tariq Ramadan: Political Liberalism, Islam, and "Overlapping Consensus" [Full Text] 12/06/07
"Much of the disagreement and controversy over Ramadan's significance arguably stems not from a disagreement over what he is on record as having asserted or done but from unexamined or unarticulated assumptions about liberal principles and what they demand of Muslims."
Author(s): Andrew F. March

Expanding Europe: The Ethics of EU-Turkey Relations [Full Text] 12/06/07
The possible future EU membership of Turkey has become one of the most hotly debated topics both in the EU and within Turkey itself. Underlying this debate are competing principles of international ethics.
Author(s): Thomas Diez

American Religious NGOs in North Korea: A Paradoxical Relationship [Full Text] 12/06/07
Despite North Korea's antipathy to outside religious influence, it is primarily American NGOs with financial backing from religious organizations that have maintained development and exchange programs with the regime.
Author(s): Scott A. Snyder

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