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The Legitimacy of Global Governance Institutions [Abstract] 11/28/06
The authors articulate a global public standard for the normative legitimacy of global governance institutions. This standard can provide the basis for principled criticism of global governance institutions and guide reform efforts in circumstances in which people disagree deeply about the demands of global justice and the role that global governance institutions should play in meeting them.
Author(s): Allen Buchanan, Robert O. Keohane

Counterfactuals and the Proportionality Criterion [Abstract] 11/28/06
It is widely held that, in order for a resort to war or military force to be morally justified, it must, in addition to having a cause that is just, be proportionate. Mellow argues for the need of a counterfactual baseline with moral qualifiers when making the proportionality evaluation.
Author(s): David Mellow

Killing Soldiers [Abstract] 11/28/06
A riddle in the ethics of war concerns whether lethal defensive force may be justifiably used against aggressing soldiers who are morally innocent.
Author(s): Gerard Øverland

Judicial Globalization in the Service of Self-Government [Abstract] 11/28/06
For at least the past several decades, judges around the world have been looking beyond their own states' jurisprudence to international law and the decisions of foreign courts in order to apply domestic law, part of a phenomenon Anne-Marie Slaughter calls "judicial globalization."
Author(s): Martin S. Flaherty

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