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Symposium: The Trial of Saddam Hussein

And Now from the Green Zone . . . Reflections on the Iraq Tribunal's Dujail Trial [Full Text] 09/07/06
The Iraq tribunal is an odd creature. It is an Iraqi-led mechanism designed and supported by foreigners. It is based on international law but relies heavily on Iraqi legal tradition and procedures. And it is a postconflict initiative in the midst of escalating war.
Author(s): Miranda Sissons

Saddam Hussein's Trial Meets the "Fairness" Test [Full Text] 09/07/06
Despite legitimate concerns, Saddam Hussein has received an appropriate and fair trial, both in light of the specific details of the judicial proceedings and in light of the political nature of war crimes justice in an anarchic system of states.
Author(s): Kingsley Chiedu Moghalu

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