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Whither the Responsibility to Protect? Humanitarian Intervention and the 2005 World Summit [Abstract] 07/28/06
This article examines how consensus was reached on the "responsibility to protect," given continuing hostility to humanitarian intervention expressed by many (if not most) of the world's states and whether the consensus will contribute to avoiding future Kosovos and Rwandas.
Author(s): Alex J. Bellamy

The Gendered Dimensions of Conflict's Aftermath: A Victim-Centered Approach to Compensation [Abstract] 07/28/06
Although international security studies tend to focus on the nature of armed conflict and how nations fare in the face of such conflicts, our attention has been drawn to the challenge of managing the peace.
Author(s): Sara L. Zeigler, Gregory G. Gunderson

Western Policies on Child Labor Abroad [Abstract] 07/28/06
Child labor evokes deep emotions and is cause for growing international concern. Most recent global estimates show that 186 million children are engaged in full time economic activity.
Author(s): Roland Pierik, Mijke S. Houwerzijl

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