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Just Cause for War [Full Text] 11/11/05
A just cause for war is a type of wrong that may make those responsible for it morally liable to military attack as a means of preventing or rectifying it. This claim has implications that conflict with assumptions of the current theory of just war.
Author(s): Jeff McMahan

What's Wrong With Preventive War? The Moral and Legal Basis for the Use of Preventive Force [Abstract] 11/11/05
The question of the legitimacy of preventive war has been at the center of the debate about the proper response to terrorism and the legitimacy of the Iraq War.
Author(s): Whitley Kaufman

Killing Naked Soldiers [Abstract] 11/11/05
The categories of "civilian" or "soldier,” “combatant" or “noncombatant,” are thought to be stable. Yet, the case of the naked soldier taking a bath challenges such stability in a way that illustrates the serious conceptual and normative problems with identifying such social groups.
Author(s): Larry May

"Saving Amina": Global Justice for Women and Intercultural Dialogue [Abstract] November 11, 2005
Western moral and political theorists have devoted much attention to the victimization of women by non-western cultures, wrote Alison Jaggar in 2005. But, conceiving injustice to poor women in poor countries as a matter of their oppression by illiberal cultures yields an incomplete understanding of their situation. Free online till December 31, 2014.
Author(s): Alison M. Jaggar

The Irony of Environmentalism: The Ecological Futility but Political Necessity of Lifestyle Change [Abstract] 11/11/05
Environmentalists argue that we need to reduce population and consumption to protect the environment, and that this is something we can all do by individually choosing to have smaller families and buying fewer products. This article questions the ecological impact of such choice.
Author(s): Paul Wapner, John Willoughby

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