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Recent Books

Neverending Wars: The International Community, Weak States, and the Perpetuation of Civil War [Full Text] 07/13/05
It is about time someone reminded us that civil wars are not an entirely internal affair, that the international environment in which they occur matters too. Protracted conflicts, Hironaka argues, result from three factors: state weakness, the Cold War, and the international climate.
Author(s): Caty Clément

The World's Banker: A Story of Failed States, Financial Crises, and the Wealth and Poverty of Nations [Full Text] 07/13/05
During James Wolfensohn's tenure, the Bank broke with a discredited history of structural adjustment, overcame resistance to facing critical issues of debt relief and corruption,adopted the language of participation and local ownership, and brought its critics into the discussion.
Author(s): Sebastian Mallaby, Peter Rosenblum

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