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Torture: A Collection, Sanford Levinson, ed. [Full Text]

Torture: A Collection

David L. Perry, reviewer

Sanford Levinson has done us all a tremendous service in compiling this rich set of essays on a highly compelling and timely topic. The anthology comprises specifically commissioned essays on topics ranging from examinations of the history of torture to contemporary legal and philosophical perspectives, as well as reprints of two articles that have become minor classics in the quarter century since they were first published: Henry Shue's "Torture" and Michael Walzer's "Political Action: The Problem of Dirty Hands." Levinson provides a lucid introduction, which contains his thoughtful commentary on many of the diverse perspectives to be found in the volume. . . .

Download: Torture: A Collection, Sanford Levinson, ed. [Full Text] (PDF, 60.47 K)

Read More: Torture, Justice, Ethics, Human Rights

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