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Symposium: War and Self-Defense

War and Self-Defense [Full Text] 02/03/04
How can the right of self-defense be legitimately invoked when no prior aggressive attack has occurred and there is no evidence that one is imminent? How exactly is it that the concept of self-defense can provide a justification for war?
Author(s): David Rodin

Self-Defense and the Obligations to Kill and to Die [Abstract] 02/03/04
Building on Rodin's analysis, Ryan raise further issues about self-defense as a justification of modern nation state war. Principal among these is what he calls the "conscription paradox."
Author(s): Cheyney C. Ryan

Beyond National Defense [Abstract] 02/03/04
Rodin attempts "to generate a dilemma for the just war theory by arguing that the right of national defense cannot be reduced to personal rights of self-defense, nor can it be explained through an analogy with them."

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