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The Preventive Use of Force: A Cosmopolitan Institutional Proposal [Abstract] 02/03/04
Accountability is the key to ensuring the fairness of rules governing the preventive use of force. Buchanan and Keohane propose a scheme that would make those promoting and those rejecting the preventive use of force more accountable.
Author(s): Allen Buchanan, Robert O. Keohane

The Global Warming Tragedy and the Dangerous Illusion of the Kyoto Protocol [Abstract] 02/03/04
Gardiner insists that the Kyoto agreement, far from being too demanding, does too little to protect future generations.
Author(s): Stephen M. Gardiner

Global Warming: More Common Than Tragic [Abstract] 02/03/04
Those who are concerned about the weakness of the Kyoto Protocol should first focus on persuading the United States to join, since this is the best way to let the process work and avoid a tragedy of the commons.
Author(s): Elizabeth R. DeSombre

Sharing the Riches of the Earth: Democratizing Natural Resource-Led Development [Abstract] 02/03/04
Many developing countries are attempting to use their natural resource endowments as the basis for economic growth and development. But countries that depend heavily on resource extraction do poorly on a variety of economic indicators, including growth rates, education levels, and income inequality.
Author(s): Keith Slack

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